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Cutie (1)

In the auditorium, the crowd looked at the noisy basketball court with inquiring eyes.

Lu Zhi had a smile on his lips, but his eyes were teasing.


Ning Zhen blushed.

The girl from Class 2 who scored points was approaching.

She subconsciously panicked a little.


Lu Zhi couldn't help laughing.

His chest trembled slightly.

Ah, why was she so easy to bully

Tong Jia ran down from the auditorium, stuffed milk into Ning Zhen's hands, and turned around to block Lu Zhi's gaze.

"Zhen Zhen, it's time to go back."

Ning Zhen heaved a sigh of relief and nodded.

"Wait for me, I'll finish packing."

Lu Zhi's eyes sank.

Then, he went to Lin Zichuan and the others.

Tong Jia patted her chest.

Scared her to death! For Zhen Zhen, she used her body as a meat shield.

She held back her fear and calmed down.

Ning Zhen finished collecting her things and returned to the school building with Tong Jia.

Tong Jia hesitated but finally asked in a low voice, "Zhen Zhen, do you like Lu Zhi"

Ning Zhen was startled by her and shook her head hurriedly.

"Jiajia, we are still high school students.

Don't think too much.

He is just my classmate."

Tong Jia twisted her fingers.

"But I think, he seems to like you a little."


"It's true.

Do you remember when you first came to school, and we went to the wonton shop for a meal That time, Lu Zhi came over and bought a bottle of ice water for you.

I thought it was weird at that time, and last Friday night, the day we were at KTV, Lu Zhi took my cell phone.

I looked at the call logs.

He called you, and then asked others to send me back.

Although, I'm not familiar with him, I think he..."

He doesn't seem like a good person who is willing to help others.

Moreover, Tong Jia felt that Lu Zhi acted differently when facing Ning Zhen than when facing other people.

She pulled her hair in distress.

"Sigh! I can't explain it clearly, but he's used to causing trouble.

He's doesn't suit you.

I'm afraid you'll be bullied."

Before, Tong Jia joked about marrying Lu Zhi, but when things really got serious, she inexplicably felt that this person was dangerous.

"Thank you, Jiajia." She knew that Tong Jia was doing it for her own good, and Tong Jia was indeed quite prescient in this matter.

Ning Zhen sighed, feeling that things were starting to develop out of control.

"Hey, who are we to each other" Tong Jia hugged Ning Zhen's arm affectionately.

 On Wednesday afternoon, ten minutes before the end of school, Wei Yijie stood up with the teacher's permission and announced, "There will be an exam tomorrow, so after school, we're going to have a major clean-up.

Now, I'm going to announce the list of students who will be part of this clean-up."

As luck would have it, it happened to be the last two rows of the fourth group and the first two rows of the third group.

Exactly eight people.

Xia Xiaoshi, with a bitter face, whispered in the back row with ridicule, "How come Lu Zhi, Lin Zichuan and the others are with us They never work on duty.

As soon as school is over, they run away.

Dear me! Just the thought of having to work twice as much cleaning makes my life feel bleak."

As Xia Xiaoshi spoke, she stole a glance at Xie Yu in the front row.

Xie Yu was holding a small mirror to fix her makeup as if she hadn't heard.

Xia Xiaoshi got even angrier.

This one was also a lazy person.

She could hold a broom and stay in one square meter until other people completed the task.

So, there were only three people left in their real workforce!

Xia Xiaoshi let out a breath and held her cheek in a daze.

As soon as the bell rang, Wei Yijie got up and brought over a bunch of notes.

"Classmate Ning Zhen, later on, after you've finished cleaning, paste the exam numbers in order."


Is it in an S-shaped order"


The glue is on the podium."

Xia Xiaoshi came over and looked at Wei Yijie unkindly.

"Why don't you give it to Lu Zhi, Class Monitor"

Bullying the new student for being well behaved.

Wei Yijie blushed, pursed his lips, and returned to his seat to collect his things.

"Brother Zhi, are you going to play games or not Let's go hide with the people from Class 6," Chen Dongshu said as he stood up and prepared to go out.

His collar was pulled.

He looked back and saw Lu Zhi, who had a smile that was yet not a smile in his eyes.

"Chen Dongshu," He said slowly.

"Didn't you hear that it's our turn to do the cleaning"


Lin Zichuan had silently gone to the balcony to get the mop, and Xiao Feng laughed deceitfully and followed him.

Chen Dongshu was dumbfounded, and a broom was stuffed into his hands.

Lu Zhi raised his eyelids.

"What are you doing staring blankly Sweep the floor."

"..." Fuck! What the hell was going on




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