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Previously, Risa had been hiding in the shadows of the troops below Li Fuqing, silently waiting for an opportunity.

The outbreak of the death plague had also allowed Risa to see the possibility of making a move.

The combat power of the surrounding invading Lord troops suddenly dropped, and their speed also dropped by quite a bit.

In an instant, they started to panic.

At this moment, it was the perfect opportunity for Xi Rui to make his move.

The surrounding death succubi took the initiative to attack, luring the surrounding invading lord-tier troops to protect Li Fuqing.

Very quickly, they began to attack the surrounding death succubi.

At this moment, Li Fuqings close-range defense was the weakest.

Risa keenly grasped this moment, and directly drilled out from the shadows of the troops below Li Fuqing.

She held a dagger in her hand, and directly stabbed towards Li Fuqings body.

Li Fuqing felt the killing intent that was emitted from Risas body and his heart was suddenly shocked.

Subsequently, he did not hesitate and directly pulled over a trusted aide beside him and threw him towards her.

At the same time, Li Fuqing also continuously withdrew his body.

He wanted to quickly withdraw and leave Risas attack range.

The dagger in Risas hand swept past.

The body of Li Fuqings trusted aide, who had been thrown over, instantly turned into two halves and heavily smashed onto the ground.

Risas speed immediately paused for a moment, quickly catching up to Li Fuqing.

At this moment, the surrounding invading Lord soldiers finally reacted, hurriedly rushing towards her, wanting to stop her assassination attempt.

However, at this moment, the dagger in her hand had already been raised high, ruthlessly stabbing down towards Li Fuqings neck.

When Li Fuqing saw this, his eyes revealed a trace of shock.

After which, without any hesitation, he directly raised his arm to block above his body.

The dagger focused on Li Fuqings raised arm and ruthlessly stabbed into it

The intense pain caused Li Fuqing to cry out in agony.

Subsequently, a golden light rose from the armor on Li Fuqings body, and instantly wrapped around his body.

The golden light wrapped around Li Fuqings body, as if it had formed a golden eggshell.

Under such circumstances, Li Fuqings defensive ability had been greatly enhanced.

Risas dagger directly slashed towards Li Fuqing, then directly left a crisp sound on the golden eggshell-like object, but it did not break the golden eggshell.

This was Li Fuqings strongest defense, able to block a demigods attack.

However, there was one condition, and that was time.

Risa looked at the golden eggshell wrapped around Li Fuqings body, a hint of hatred in his eyes.

If it wasnt for the fact that he had to avoid being discovered by the surrounding troops, she wouldnt have chosen to hide in the shadows of Li Fuqings troops.

Instead, she would have chosen to hide in Li Fuqings shadow.

Unfortunately, if that was the case, she might have been discovered.

Hence, she chose the safest method, but in the end, she didnt succeed.

Her body entered the surrounding shadows, and she quickly disappeared.

Since the assassination didnt succeed, she could only retreat.

The surrounding death succubi also retreated one after another, entering the shadows and quickly disappearing.

As the surrounding invading Lord troops were protecting Li Fuqings safety, they did not give chase to Risa and the others.

Moreover, even if they gave chase, they probably could not do anything to Risa in the shadows.

Hence, Risa easily escaped.

Very quickly, she and the others returned to Zhao Yuhengs flying fortress.

Looking at Ren Qi, Risa blamed himself.

“Master, Im sorry.

I wasnt able to kill the leader of the invading lord alliance.”

Ren Qi looked at her and smiled.

“You have done well.

Take a rest first.

Theres nothing for you to worry about from now on.”

Risa nodded.

Then, she brought the death succubus to rest.

At this moment, the invading lord alliance team quickly calmed down after experiencing the momentary panic caused by the assassination attempt.

The other confidant beside him looked at Li Fuqing and said, “Boss, do we still pursue them now The entire team was affected by some unknown reason, and their combat strength had decreased by a lot.

If we continue pursuing them, even if we manage to catch up, our troops will suffer a great loss.”

When the surrounding invading lords heard this, their gazes landed on Li Fuqing in front of them.

At this moment, they were already muttering in their hearts.

None of them were willing to let their troops pursue Ren Qi and the others.

After all, it was clearly not worth it for them to do such a thing.

At this moment, they should stop their losses.

Li Fuqings expression also became extremely ugly.

As he looked at the rapidly moving flying fortress in the sky, his expression became extremely gloomy.

“No! We can not give up at this moment.

We must surround the Flying Fortress.

We can not let them escape!”

“We have exhausted so much strength.

If we allow them to leave just like that, we will really lose all our face.”

“Regardless of how many troops we have lost, we must make the other party stay behind.”


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