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“Elder Shi, you were also the master of a grotto-heaven.

Why was the difference so great” Zhou Shu shook his head.

“Look at this Diao fellow.

The Heavenly Hub Armory, the Weapon Burial Mountain, and the Yuheng Valley all feel very domineering, and his elite disciples are also at the Grotto-Heaven realm.

“You were also the master of a grotto-heaven, right Other than some forging materials, your Zhuling Grotto-Heaven was far inferior to the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain.

Also, his disciples were so strong.

Elder Shi, why were you alone”

Zhou Shu asked seriously, as if he was really considering this question.

Shi Changsheng rolled his eyes and said angrily, “Thats because I disdain accepting disciples!

“What do you know, kid With my status back then, if I was willing to accept disciples, my disciples would be stronger!

“But how can ordinary people catch my eye

“Whats the point of surnamed Diao doing so many fancy things Could he live forever

“Im still in front of you, but surnamed Diao has already turned to ashes.

Are you blind”

Shi Changsheng glanced at Zhou Shu disdainfully.

Zhou Shu really wanted to tell Shi Changsheng that the glory of life was not in length but in thickness…

But after thinking about it, he was still in a weakened state and still had to count on Shi Changsheng to protect him, so it was better not to provoke him too much.

It would be bad if he flew into a rage.

“Elder Shi, even if this Yuheng Valley is a tomb, there shouldnt be any danger here after so many years, right” Zhou Shu changed the topic.

“Theres no danger” Shi Changsheng glanced at Zhou Shu with a look that said,Kid, youre too inexperienced.

“Youre underestimating Grotto-Heaven realm experts too much.

“I told you before that Grotto-Heaven realm experts will evolve grotto-heavens themselves.

At the peak, they will be like my Zhuling Grotto-Heaven and surnamed Diaos Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain.

“Even those who have just entered the Grotto-Heaven realm have the embryonic form of a grotto-heaven.

They can be called domains, just like that fox demon.

“Even if such experts die, their grotto-heavens will still linger around their corpses, forming spatial turbulence.

If someone falls into one, even experts of the same level will lose a layer of skin even if they dont die.

“Think about it.

If a grotto-heaven as big as the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain collapses, how confident are you in escaping

“Besides, surnamed Diao buried people here with the intention of suppressing them for eternity.

Do you think he wouldnt set up some tricks here

“Youve never seen that old fellow.

He was very cunning.

If you had 110% of my strength back then, there would be nothing to be afraid of, but do you”

Zhou Shu didnt mind and smiled.

“I might not have 110% of your strength back then, Elder Shi, but dont I still have you”

“Me Im a sword now, okay” Shi Changsheng curled his lips.

“Youre not strong enough to unleash my power.”

“Is that so” Zhou Shu pondered.

“Weve been here for so long, but there doesnt seem to be any danger.”

“Young fellow, let me teach you something.” Shi Changsheng sat on the Longevity Sword, looking extremely imposing.

“If you can see danger, then its not called danger.

“Danger that you cannot see is the real danger!

“Whats the saying Dogs who bite are those that dont bark…”

Zhou Shu smiled and shook his head.

If not for this last sentence, he would have been fooled.

“Now that weve entered, its too late to regret now,” Zhou Shu said.

“Well deal with whatever comes our way.

“As the saying goes, if the enemy doesnt move, I wont move.

Ill stay here.

No matter how dangerous Yuheng Valley is, what can it do to me”

“Naive!” Shi Changsheng said angrily.

“Do you know what spatial turbulence is Turbulence will not reason with you! Moreover, if the corpses of those disciples surnamed Diao turn into corpse puppets, they will find you even if you dont move! Anyone who enters Yuheng Valley will be torn to pieces by them.”

“Corpse puppets Zombies” Zhou Shu roughly understood what Shi Changsheng meant.

His disciples would turn into zombies Wasnt the master of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain too ruthless to his disciples


As if in response to Shi Changshengs words, a low growl that sounded like a cross between a human and a beast resounded in the depths of Yuheng Valley.

Zhou Shus expression changed slightly. There are really zombies

In his current situation, it would be bad if he really encountered zombies.

Although hearing the roar of a suspected zombie, Zhou Shu didnt panic.

Instead, he pondered and asked Shi Changsheng, “Elder Shi, theres something I dont quite understand.”

“What is it” Shi Changsheng glanced in the direction of the roar and didnt react much.

“Since this Yuheng Valley is a human tomb, is there a need to make its spatial flow different from the outside world” Zhou Shu asked curiously.

A year in Yuheng Valley was a day outside.

Could it be that the master of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain wanted the enemies in the valley to live days like years

That would be ridiculous.

“Are you stupid” Shi Changsheng said.

“This Yuheng Valley is just a fragment of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain.

The flow of time in the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain is different from the outside world.

Whats so strange about this effect here

“Young fellow, if you have the mood to think about those useless things, why dont you think about how to get some benefits”

Shi Changsheng looked in the direction of the roar, seeming eager to try.

“What do you mean”

“Are you stupid Who knows how many Grotto-Heaven realm experts are buried here Such experts likely have good things on them.

Surnamed Diao was very arrogant.

He never touched the corpses after he killed others.

Therefore, there might be some good things here,” Shi Changsheng said excitedly.

“In any case, Yuheng Valley is ownerless.

The things here naturally have no owner.

“Previously, in the Weapon Burial Mountain, those remaining weapons were enough for you to forge a Ming Hong Saber, let alone here.

“Young people cant be too narrow-minded.

Its not embarrassing to touch corpses,” Shi Changsheng advised earnestly.

What else could Zhou Shu say He could only nod.

“Elder Shi, theres no hurry to loot the corpses,” Zhou Shu said casually.

“At least wait until I recover.

“Before that, Ill have to rely on you, Elder Shi.

Although it doesnt seem dangerous now, if anything happens, Ill have to trouble you to take care of it first.”

“Thats easy.

Pay me to help you avoid disaster.” Shi Changsheng chuckled.

“As long as you give me enough benefits, not to mention protecting you, even flattening Yuheng Valley wont be a problem.”

Shi Changsheng bragged.

Before he could finish speaking, he heard another sound in Yuheng Valley.

This time, it was not the roar from before but the clang of metal.

The moment the sound came, Shi Changshengs expression changed.

“Surnamed Diao actually placed it in Yuheng Valley” Shi Changsheng muttered.

“Elder Shi, what did you say What did surnamed Diao put in Yuheng Valley” Zhou Shu asked.

“Young fellow, this is troublesome.” Shi Changsheng turned to Zhou Shu and said seriously, “This time, we might not be able to loot the corpses.

On the contrary, you might be looted by others.

Why dont you treat the things I just swallowed as the fee for collecting your corpse

“I wont take your things for nothing.

Ill help you keep your corpse intact.”

Zhou Shu rolled his eyes.

If he was going to die, what was the difference

“Elder Shi, can you make yourself clear You were a grotto-heaven master.

Is that all youve got”

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