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Chapter 33: Self Appeal

A certain major company in Tokyo.

One of the dungeon companies, 『GIG』 located in this place.

Donned in the formal outfit for an interview that he received from his mother, Yuuma went into the building of the GIG company.


「Calm down oh me… Well, this is my first experience after all.」


After entering the building, he went to the 5th floor, the floor in which the GIG company was located.

Though it was a stylish building with glass panels, the building itself wasn’t that big.

Thus, GIG company which is located in a corner of that building was naturally not a big company too but――


「Excuse me.」


The room that Yuuma tried to enter was overflowing with students.

Everyone has black hair, wears the same kind of suit as him, and is waiting for their turn.


He thought that the number was so much because this time happened to be one of the two recruitment sessions namely spring(April) and fall(October) but, even Yuuma realized that the number was way too much.

What was even more surprising was the fact that even though it was recruitment for “Explorer”, the number of women was overwhelming.


「Seriously… It’s a world apart from my expectation.」



Yuuma was sitting in the chair prepared in front of the interview room, waiting restlessly for his own turn.

The students sitting by his side were clearly college students.

And their mood seems to be really bright on top of that.

Yuuma snapped out and then drove such a useless train of thought.

He remembered again that this was the interview for “Explorer”.

It wasn’t an interview for a clerical position.

Five names were called at once, and everyone was sitting next to each other.

Before them were three interviewers.

Their age ranged from around forty to fifty years old.

They wore neat suits, and unleashed an intimidating presence which was completely different from the school teacher, making Yuuma even more nervous than before.


「Well then, let’s begin the interview with a self-introduction.

Please start from right to left.」


The interviewer who was sitting in the middle broke the ice.

Yuuma guessed that the person in the middle might be the one with the highest status among the three.

Thus, the introduction starts from a woman.


「I’m a 4th-year student of Olbat girl college, my name is Kousaki Miyoshi.

I’m really impressed by the spirit of your company and wanted to help those with terminal illnesses.

Currently, I have been certified with the state qualification as 『2nd Class Dungeon Medic』.

Best regard.」


The female college student bowed deeply after she finished her introduction.

Yuuma couldn’t hide his shock upon seeing such a level-headed self-introduction.

――Do I’ve to say something similar And what in the hell is 『Dungeon Medic』 Do you need a qualification for that


「Thank you for your self-introduction.

Next person please.」


When Yuuma was still bewildered, the next college student stood up.

His height made him look like a sporty type of college student.

Since it was Yuuma’s turn next, he really feels nervous.


「I’m Yuumine Yujiro, 4th year college student of Itsutsubashi college.

I belong to the department of dungeon study in the university.

I’ve had the experience of participating in a total of forty dungeon explorations sponsored by Elcid company or Izarth company! Thank you so much!」


”Seriously! Itsutsubashi college is supposed to be an elite school right! He should try a bigger company.” Was what Yuuma retorted inside but, he snapped out and hurriedly thought about his own appeal.


「Hahaha, it’s good to be lively.

But I see, dungeon study at Itsutsubashi college huh… That’s quite a famous place.

How’s Professor Nakane doing lately」

「Yes! He is still teaching even now.」

「I see, it’s good to hear that.

Thank you.

Next person please.」


It was finally his turn.

Yuuma took a breath and then stood from his chair.


「I-I’m in my 3rd year of Ootori high, Mitaka Yuuma.

I applied to your company because I want to contribute to society.

I’ve no special knowledge or qualification but, I’ve been diving numerous times in the dungeon and want to make full use of those experiences.」


He declared so assertively, barely managing to squeeze his voice in the last seconds.


「Ooh, high school student huh.

I can feel more motivated since the majority of people who come to the interview are either working adults or college students.

By the way, you said that you dive a lot into the dungeon, how many times exactly」

「M-More than a hundred times and defeating a monster on top of that!」

「Ooh! That’s amazing.」


――I’m definitely not lying here! The one I defeated was metal slime though.


「Does that mean you have a considerable amount of “Mana Index” as well」

「Eh ah, to be honest… No, my mana index is zero but…」

「Could it be that by “Entering into the dungeon”, you mean the shallow floor which is open to the public」

「U~hm… Yes.」


Yuuma heard a stifled laugh from his side.

The female college student who introduced herself first tried her best to cover her lips.

The other students were also holding back their laughs.

Seeing that, Yuuma feels really embarrassed and wants to find a hole to hide.


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