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Chapter 29: Untrodden Area


Yuuma who returned from school was currently looking at the “Magic Ore” on his desk.

It was black magic ore whose size, colour, and shape were similar to the one from a normal metal slime.

The only difference was the mark on its surface.

It looks like a relief of an ornamental white flower drawn in a circle.


「What in the world is this」


Yuuma took his mana measuring tool, pressed the switch and directed its nozzle toward him.

He thought that the magic ore might have “Mana” since it dropped from a fairly powerful monster.

He then looked at the display of the measuring tool and found a big zero.


「… Tch, the heck.

After all those hardships.」


Despite his complaint, he pointed the tool toward the magic ore this time.

And just as he expected, another zero.


「This one is zero too huh… I can use this one too I guess.」


Yuuma went to the kitchen, washed the magic core with water, and swallowed it like usual.

A while later, he felt the familiar heat running through his body.

He was already used to this sensation but something felt different from this one time.


「Eh What the hell with this heat」


The heat that ran through his body was incomparable to the one he felt until now.

Just when he started to regret his act of eating the magic ore, the heat started to subside.


「Haa~h… that scared me for nothing.」


Yuuma went to the garden since he was pretty curious about the ability that he would get from the magic ore.

He sent a sidelong glance toward Mamezo who was barking toward him, and then invoked 『Metallization』.

Though Mamezo ended up shrinking in fear upon seeing Yuuma’s metallized state, he patted Mamezo’s head to reassure the latter.


「Well then, there’s the possibility of that giant slime’s ability is the one that I get but…」


He recalled the giant slime that he met this morning.

No matter what he thought about it, its feelers’ strike was really terrifying.

He tried to change part of his body into a weapon.

If he could do that――

The moment he thought about that, the shape of his hand started to distort.

That moment, he tried to imagine his hand turning into a weapon.

Thus his hand transformed… Into kitchen knife.


「Oooh… Awesome! I really can do this.」


Yuuma was really elated.

Thus he tried to change his body into various shapes.

When he tried to change his hand into a hammer and a metal ball, he realised that his body could transform into everything he imagined.

The speed of the transformation was completely dependent on the structure of the item he wanted to transform into.

And the most terrifying thing about this ability was――


「Ooh, I can do this too huh! This ability is awesome.」


Yuuma tried to turn himself into a spherical metal slime.

He had never expected that it really was possible until he tried himself.

He then frolicked with Mamezo while jumping up and down.

Though he really enjoyed playing with Mamezo in that form, his gaze suddenly caught his own reflection in the glass window of his house.

What he saw was a figure of slime with several feelers coming out from its body, hopping up and down while using its feelers to play with Mamezo.

At that moment, Yuuma felt cold water pour on his head.


「No matter how you look at it… This definitely looked like… A monster right」




That day, the International Dungeon Research Organization(IDR) experienced turmoil that was never seen before.

Numerous researchers gathered in front of “Orpheus Slate” which was located in one corner of the research facility.

Ethan Noble was amongst the surprised figures of researchers who looked at the slate.




His assistant, Clark, ran in a hurry toward him.


「What caused this commotion, Ethan!」


Clark was looking around dumbfoundedly.

Many researchers had no idea about the situation since it happened so suddenly, causing so much confusion among them.

Seeing the panicked Clark, Ethan revealed a smile as a light chuckle escaped from his mouth.


「That is what attracts everyone’s attention, Clark.」


Ethan’s forefinger pointed at the top part of “Orpheus Slate” while leaning on the wall.

It was the place where crystals of various colours lined up together.


「What now Is it the news about the subjugation of another duke or lord!」

「Nope… You’re only half correct, Clark.

No one going to be surprised by that anymore.」


Clark frowned upon seeing Ethan’s daring smile.


「Take a look at the topmost part of the slate.」


Clark followed Ethan’s advice and looked at the topmost crystal, and found out that one of them had already broken.

It was none other than the topmost crystal that had never broken until now.


「The highest ranked monster recorded in the slate, one of the six kings――」


Ethan looked at the topmost part of the slate, and a smile formed on his face.


「The 【Black King】 had been subjugated.」


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