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When the two items were sold to the same person, people’s eyes turned to him, knowingly and unknowingly.


A little worried because the transaction method was direct, Lee Mina approached Jeong Hye-Yeon, who was watching and asked.


“They are all identified people, right”


“Yes, the representative confirmed everything with photos.

When we came in, Murata-sama and Yoshimura-sama worked hard.”


Murata and Yoshimura assisted in the identification process, as there might have been Darkstar intruders.


The picture that Lee Mina was worried about was a picture that would only be drawn if at least 50 of the people gathered in the auditorium were terrorists.


Or a terrorist with exceptional skill.


Lee Mina approached Jung So-Hyun, who was superior to her in sensing ability, and asked.


“Aren’t there any strange auras”


“Yes, no.”


“You have to tell me right away.”




Even during the time they exchanged words, the auction continued.


“20 billion won, 20 billion won, if there aren’t anymore, I’ll bid three times and finish.

Congratulations to 20 billion, 20 billion, 20 billion, 125.”


The third auction was also successful 125 times.


Those who have participated in many auctions felt it instinctively.


That 125 might buy all 10 points.


Jun-woo introduced the fourth item again.


“The fourth auction is the Magic Memory Pendant.

Accessories were the prerogative of craftsmen.

But the alchemists created the Shield Pendant.”


Jun-woo took out a golden necklace hidden inside his clothes and showed it to him.


A blue jewel is embedded in the center, and iron parts surround it.


“The shield pendant could only use the shield skill to protect the body.

However, it can be used by storing all skills below the Epic level.”


Options are revealed on the screen.


[Magic Memory Pendant]


-Rank: Epic


-Classification: Necklace


-Durability: 500/500


*Increases health by 800


*Reduces damage by 14 when hit


*Epic or lower skills can be stored and used, and the necklace cannot be removed until the cooldown expires.


– Item value: 3.4,000,000


When the light bulb lit up in the auditorium, said the auctioneer.


“Let us begin the auction of the fourth item in the auction, the Magic Memory Pendant.

The auction’s starting price is 3 billion gold, and the bid is 100 million gold to speed up the process.”


People started pressing the button.


The number of electronic billboards announcing prices continued to rise.


“The price is 2 billion gold each.

28 billion, 30 billion, 32 billion, 32 billion, and 32 billion.

32 billion, 32 billion, 32 billion… … .”


People thought that the 125th bid would be successful again this time.


But at that moment, the number of successful bidders changed, and the price reached 34 billion won.


“34 billion, 34 billion, 34 billion.”


125 didn’t push the button and smiled faintly.



95, which could be a successful bidder, felt a little regretful, and I hoped that No.

125 would press it again.


“If there are no more, I will bid 3 times and finish.


34 billion, 34 billion, 34 billion, and 95th bids were successful.

Congratulations, please applaud.”


The resentful gaze of number 95, wearing a mask, returned to seat number 125 once.


Number 125 looked at him as if congratulating him and clapped his hands.


Jun-woo stood in front of number 95.


“Thank you for winning the bid.”


95 times answered in Chinese.


“Thank you.

It’s good stuff.”


The transaction proceeded, and Jun-woo returned to his seat with applause.


After explaining the fifth item, the auction proceeded immediately.


While they looked at each other and decided whether to buy, the number 125 blew wind into the price as if it were playing the role of a windbreaker.


For Jun-woo, he was a very grateful atmosphere maker.


“34 billion, 34 billion, 34 billion, 33 billion won the bid.



125 claps hard.


“The bids for 36 billion, 36 billion, 36 billion, and 125 have been successful.



The starting asking price of the auction was 500 million, and the price went up quickly.


“38 billion, 38 billion, 38 billion 125 bids have been made.



Up to the 7th, 5 of the 125 bids were won.


“42 billion, 42 billion, 42 billion, 223 bids have been successful.



Number 223 looked at the head of 125 and cursed in English at least a little.


If it wasn’t for number 125, I could have bought the two quotes cheaper.


After the transaction, Jun-woo returned to the auditorium to explain the ninth product.


“The ninth auction is a flying bike.”


Jun-woo took out a motorcycle without wheels from the item window.


“Flying bikes can be handy when going hunting or hunting.”


Jun-woo got on the flying bike and grabbed the steering wheel.


The bottom surface floated up, and Jun-woo rode it and flew around the auditorium.


Jun-woo removed his hand from the steering wheel and looked to the left.


The flying bike was still in the air.


[Flying Bike]


-Class: Unique


-Category: means of transportation


– Item’s authority: Lewis


-Durability: 500/500


-Health: 5,250


-Movement speed: 195 Defense: 170


– Item value: 16,550,000,000


-Producer: Lewis


People looked at the options with exciting faces.


The golden flying bike was an attractive item to show off to others.


“Let’s start the ninth auction, the flying bike.

The auction’s starting price is 15 billion gold, and we ask for 1 billion gold to speed up the process.”


Said the auctioneer after hesitating once.


“Then let’s get started.”


Participation was so active that people’s hands pressing the button could be seen even in the auditorium.


The electronic signage that informs the price has already added one more zero.


“I’m going to ask for 5 billion each.

105 billion, 110 billion, 115 billion.”


The people pressing the button sighed one by one and lowered their hands holding the button.


3 people were pushing.


125, 33, and 233.


At least one of them was a successful bidder.


“If you don’t have 120 billion won, 125 billion won, 125 billion won… … .”


125 successful bids were 125 billion won.



233 lifted his head once, looked at the back of No.

125, and pressed the button once more.


“130 billion won, 130 billion won, if there are no more, we will bid 3 times and finish.


130 billion, 130 billion, 130 billion, and 233 were successful bids.



#233 looked at Jun-woo as he walked by with a shallow sigh as if he was somehow frustrated.


Jun-woo said as soon as he arrived.


“Thank you again for winning the bid.”


He answered in English.


“I will write well.”


Jun-woo went back to the auditorium and took out the last thing.


It was a golden flying car.


It was the most talked-about item and had a significant meaning as a boarding-type item.


[Flying Car]


-Class: Unique


-Category: means of transportation


-Item authority: Lewis


-Durability: 500/500


-Health: 6,400


-Movement speed: 215 Defense: 192


– Item value: 33,420,000,000


-Producer: Lewis


Said the auctioneer.


“The last auction item is a flying car, the auction’s starting price is 30 billion gold, and it is bid by 3 billion gold to speed up the process.”


If you press it once, 3 billion gold will go up.


“The price is 4 billion gold each.”


At the speed of the price increase, the onlookers became tense.


Yoshimura, standing on the wall and staring at the auditorium, whispered softly.


“How much do you expect brother.”


“More than 200 billion.”


“Hey, you have to call 300 billion.

Look, it’s already over 200 billion.”


The number of electronic signage was over 200 billion.


“The price is 8 billion gold each.

228 billion, 236 billion, 244 billion… 300 billion, after 5 seconds, 10 billion gold will be quoted.”


Finally, the asking price has reached 10 billion won for the first time.


Jun-woo watched it with eyes that did not understand.


‘Did I even make a rideable golem… … .’


He was a little bit regretful, Jun-woo.


“310 billion, 320 billion.”


#233, who bought a flying bike, shook his head and released the button.


It was going in a three-way battle, and the numbers were 125 and 87, and 211, which had never been bid yet.


Number 211 was the person with the mark of the Benjamin Guild, America’s largest guild.


“330 billion.”


Number 87 looked back once and put the button down.


“340 billion, 340 billion, 340 billion.”


Benjamin’s guild member let out a shallow sigh and pressed the button.


“If there are no more, I will bid 3 times and finish.

The 340 billion, 340 billion, 340 billion, and 125 bids were successful.


Please congratulate everyone.”


People in the auditorium began to applaud.


With applause, number 125 put down the mask and stroked her hair.


He was a handsome Asian man.


People of Asian descent knew him when they saw him.




“It’s Yugi.”


He was a Chinese movie star that most Chinese people, or even those who enjoy watching movies, would know.


His name is Giyu Yu, 31 years old, and he was the most expensive movie star because his estimated rating was Unique .


He was very popular in China because he participated in the cracks and showed his performances.


In addition, there was a time when he sold 4 trillion rings and became a topic of discussion.


Jun-woo approached him and said,


“Thank you again for winning the bid.”


“I will ride well.”


A transaction window opens.


Jun-woo posted a flying car and a manual that he wrote himself, and Gi-yu Yu raised 340 billion gold.


As the transaction between the two came and went, Yugi asked as if puzzled.


“By the way, I don’t think this manual will be enough.

Can I go get some driving lessons tomorrow”


“Find me anytime.”


Yugi drew a satisfied smile.


Then the auctioneer said.


“Please give us a round of applause for the successful bidder and great producer, Lewis.”


clap clap-


A mysterious voice came to mind in Eumeria, who was watching the auditorium.


‘The great inventor Ethiopian… … .’


Eumeria looked at Jun-woo with a puzzled face.


clap clap-


The auction ended successfully with applause.


The 300 people filling the auditorium quickly went outside.

They escaped the Aegis Guild building one by one with the waiting party.


Jun-woo shook hands with the guests and exchanged greetings.


Yokichi, at the top of his voice, said.


“I’m going to watch the auction.

I look forward to more inventions in the future.”


“Thank you.

I heard that you helped me with Mr.


I wish you all the best in the future.”


“Because I haven’t done much.”


Jun-woo smiled lightly.


“If you have the ingredients you need, please feel free to visit Yokichi Top.

then… … .”


“Please take care and return home.”


Yokichi slightly bowed his head and left the building with the party.


At least briefly, jun-woo exchanged greetings with many guilds, including the Benjamin Guild.


When all the guests returned, the Lewis Guild building became relatively quiet.


However, the news has been discussing Jun-woo’s auction items all day.


Jun-woo, who was sitting in the master room, was a little embarrassed when he saw the gold that had been created.


It was gold that far exceeded the expected profit.


Of this, 20% is used for those damaged by monsters.

Even after excluding the expenses of other guild members and the salaries of employees, the amount of pure gold dropped to Jun-woo exceeded 400 billion won.


Jun-woo had gold, so he sat in front of the computer and searched for a soul stone at the Benjamin Sales Office.


Just a week ago, two soul stones were worth more than 100 billion gold.


However, they were not found if they were sold within a week.


‘Hmm… … .’


I didn’t know it was the scheduled order.


Most homunculi could be made by a unique alchemist.


Necromancers also needed soul stones.


Or it could have been bought for containment from the Dark Star side.


Looking at the inventions so far, you would think that Jun-woo could make enough homunculus.


‘then… … .’


Jun-woo opened the skill window.


The most efficient way to use gold was to acquire secondary robot creation skills.


Jun-woo spent 120 billion won to raise the level of auxiliary robot creation.


Then, he spent 160 billion gold again to raise the level one more time.


It was possible to add an evolutionary function robot and an auxiliary robot one by one, but the materials were not formidable.


Jun-woo immediately wrote the ingredients needed for Park Jun-seong.


Then, by consuming 40 billion gold, he raised the level of his mysterious blueprint crafting skill.


The co-skills cooldown timeout is reduced, and the effect of the blueprint would be slightly better.


The gold I thought was a lot disappeared in an instant.


After buying the materials to make the robot, it felt like Jun-woo didn’t have much money.


‘Huh… … .’


However, with the addition of robots, it would rapidly increase daily.


* * *


The next day, Yugi, a famous Chinese actor who bought a flying car, visited Jun-woo’s Master’s room.


Jun-woo wore an interpreter in his ear.




“Come on.

Please sit this way.”


Yugi sat down and said.


“The manual you wrote was immaculate.

As long as you have a driver’s license, you can ride right away.”


“Then, don’t you need driving training”


“It seems like you don’t have to do that.

Can I ask you one more thing than that”


“What is it”


Yugi looked into Jun-woo’s eyes and asked.


“What will happen with Dark Star in the future”


Jun-woo asked as if wondering.




“It’s hard to say, but I’m your fan.

I want to be strong.”


Jun-woo answered with an awkward smile.


“Oh, thank you… … .”


“It doesn’t make any sense because I think the unnecessary things on the planet should be eliminated.

Monsters or criminal groups like that.”


Jun-woo spits out words that he sympathized with.


“I think so too.”


Yugi asked with a satisfied smile.


“If you don’t mind, may I ask one more question”


“Please speak.”


“Are you really a legend”


“It’s because I don’t want to reveal my personal rating.”


Yugi laughed lightly.


“All right.

I hope to talk about this again next time.”


Jun-woo was puzzled but did not ask.


“Anyway, thank you.

Thanks to that, the auction was a success.”


It was confirmed that the price was able to go up a lot thanks to Yugi’s role as a wind catcher.


“I’d be glad if it was of some help.

If you come to China someday, please contact me.

You need a guide.”


Jun-woo smiled awkwardly.


“All right.”


Yugi got up with a smile on his face and said.


“I will always support you.

Call me anytime if you need it.



Yugi held out his hand.


Jun-woo said while holding it.


“Thank you.”


“Please feel free to contact me at any time.”


Jun-woo’s favor was only slightly questionable.


Yugi bowed his head lightly and left Jun-woo’s master room.


Female employees waited to receive Yugi’s autograph, and Yugi kindly signed autographs for all 22 employees before leaving the building.


When Yugi appeared, his male manager in his 30s sat beside him and asked.


“Are you a legend”


“Perhaps it is”


“Did you tell me about reflux”


“No, you probably haven’t even reached the highest level yet, so you shouldn’t overdo it.”


“How about joining a guild”


“What are you going to do next Watch a little more.”


The manager asked with a grin.


“Can it even fly in the sea”






After taking out the golden flying car, the two boarded.


A flying car appeared and slowly left the Aegis Guild building.


The eyes of people in the city center followed the flying car.


And the flying car, which arrived in the Incheon sea, flew over the sea like a lie, maintaining a speed of up to 430 km/h.


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