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Lin Huai looked around and asked, “Wheres Youyou”

Old Madam Xu smiled and replied, “Unfortunately, shes not feeling well so shes resting.”

In other words, Old Madam Xu did not intend to call Xu Youyou down.

Lin Huai was at a loss.

When he saw Wang Xiaohui was about to lose her temper, he quickly stopped her and said, “The weather has been cold recently.

Its easy to fall sick.

Especially for young people who dont dress warm enough because they want to dress prettily.”

Old Madam Xu only smiled and did not reply.

Lin Huai turned to look at Lin Zhihuan, who was standing next to him, before he asked in a deep voice, “Why arent you apologizing to Grandma Xu, Uncle Xu, and Aunty Cheng”

Lin Zhihuans turned green and white.

She was truly unwilling to come, but her father had threatened to cut off her allowance if she did not come to apologize.

She bit her lip and bowed before she said in a low voice, “Im sorry.

I was muddle-headed and did such a thing.

I know Im wrong, and I promise there wont be a next time.”

Old Madam Xu narrowed her eyes and sized Lin Zhihuan up.

She was not in hurry to speak.

Xu Jianshu and Cheng Ying exchanged a look.

Since Old Madam Xu did not speak, they naturally were not in a hurry to speak as well.

Lin Zhuhuan continued to bow.

Since Old Madam Xu did not say anything, she did not dare to straighten her back.

She could feel everyones gazes on her.

When she thought about how Xu Youyou might be hiding somewhere and watching her make a fool out of herself, anger and humiliation surged into her heart.

Her tears rolled down her face and dripped onto the floor immediately.

When Wang Xiaohui saw her daughters tears, her heart instantly ached.

She could no longer hold back and said, “Huanhuan is young.

Its normal to make mistakes in the heat of the moment.

She knows shes wrong and has already apologized.


Before Wang Xiaohui could finish speaking, Old Madam Xus shifted her cold gaze over.

Her gaze was like a sharp knife, causing Wang Xiaohuis words to be stuck in her throat.

Old Madam wanted to sneer, but she restrained herself.

Nonetheless, she still said, “Shes eighteen.

Shes not young anymore…”

“Yes, yes, youre right.

Shes not young anymore,” Lin Huai hastily said.

Then, he glanced at Wang Xiaohui before he continued to say, “Xiaohui spoils Huanhuan too much so Huanhuan became insensible.

Well definitely discipline her in the future.”

After saying that, Lin Huai shot Lin Yin a meaningful look.

Lin Yin brought a check out and placed it on the table.

Then, Lin Huai said politely, “This is a small token of our apology.

I hope youll accept it.”

Old Madam Lin had reminded her son repeatedly about this matter.

Old Madam Xu did not even look at the check on the table as she said plainly, “Forget it.

Lets celebrate the new year happily.”

Lin Huai heaved a sigh of relief before he hurriedly said, “Huanhuan, hurry up and thank Grandma Xu.”

Lin Zhihuan, who felt humiliated, raised her head and revealed her face that was stained with tears.

She did look at anyone before she turned around and ran out.

“Huanhuan…” Wang Xiaohui was worried about her daughter so she hurriedly got up and chased after her daughter.

Lin Huais expression was awkward as he said, “That child is really insensible…”

Old Madam Xu did not say anything and only smiled faintly.

However, there was no warmth in her smile.

She sighed inwardly.

‘The Lin family is getting worse and worse.

Fortunately, Youyou didnt marry into that family…

Lin Yin, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said, “Grandma Xu, Id like to see Youyou.”

“Youyou is resting.” Cheng Yin refused Lin Yin decisively without any hesitation.

Initially, she had thought Lin Yin was not bad, but now, with Mo Shenbai as a comparison, she thought that Lin Yin was truly lacking.

Put everything else aside, the difference between Mo Shenbai and Lin Yins treatment of Xu Youyou alone was miles apart.

“I just want to have a look at her.

It wont take long.” Lin Yin did not give up.

Cheng Ying wanted to refuse again, but Old Madam Xu said, “Go ahead.

Please dont disturb her for too long.”

“Thank you, Grandma Xu,” Lin Yin said with a bow before going upstairs, leaving Lin Huai to chat with the others.

Lin Yin knew where Xu Youyous room was located.

When he arrived, he saw the door was ajar.

From the crack, he saw Xu Youyou, who was dressed in a thin lounge set due to the heater in the house.

He did not enter the room immediately and looked at her quietly

Xu Youyou was sitting in front of her the easel at this moment.

Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun; a few strands of her hair hung loosely around her face.

Her slender fingers were holding a brush and a palette, and her expression was serious as she painted.

There were quite a few paintings in the room, and one of them was of Lin Yin.

Upon seeing this, he could not help himself and walked into the room.

Upon hearing the sound of footsteps, Xu Youyou turned around.

She frowned as soon as she saw Lin Yin and said, “Who said you can come in”

The bedroom was her sanctuary; her little world.

Even Xu Jialu would not usually come in without permission.

Lin Yins gaze shifted from the painting to her face before he replied, “Grandma Xu said you werent feeling well so I came to have a look.”

XuYouyou turned back and continued to paint as she said bluntly, “Im not feeling unwell.

I just dont want to see all of you.”

“I know,” Lin Yin replied.

Xu Youyou looked at him and asked, “Since you know, arent you going to leave”

Lin Yin shifted his gaze to the painting that was leaning against the wall and asked, “Did you draw this”

Xu Youyou followed his gaze and replied tonelessly, “Yes.”

“I never knew you could draw so well.

This painting of me is really vivid,” Lin Yin said as he looked at his portrait.

He thought that she must have liked him very much to be able to draw him so well.

The other paintings in the room were good as well.

Xu Youyou raised an eyebrow and said, “Thats the birthday present I gave you last year.

You said you had nowhere to store it so you asked me to take it back.

Did you forget”



An expression of embarrassment briefly appeared on Lin Yins face before he said, “Is that so Indeed, at that time, I didnt have any space to keep it.

However, I changed my office recently.

I have the perfect place to hang it now.

Can you give it to me”

Xu Youyou said generously, “Sure.

If you like it, you can have it.”

‘I was planning to throw it away anyway.

Lin Yin smiled and walked over to pick up the painting before he said, “Youyou, thank you.”

“No need,” Xu Youyou replied without looking up as she continued to paint.

Lin Yin did not leave.

Instead, he stood at the side and looked at Xu Youyou.

In the past, he did not really look at Xu Youyou when she was painting.

At this moment, he felt that she was very charming when she was focused.

Her skin was fair, and her eyes were dark.

Her lips were pink, and her neck was slender and delicate.

No man could resist her purity.

Lin Yin could not help but gulp as he continued to look at her.

Xu Youyou finally noticed he had yet to leave so she frowned and asked, “Is there anything else If theres nothing, can you leave Im trying to paint.”

Lin Yin regained his senses.

He looked at her clear eyes and smiled gently as he said, “Then, I wont bother you anymore.

Ill come and visit another day.”

With that, Lin Yin took the painting and left the room.

Before closing the door, he could not help but steal another look again.

He saw her scratching the space between her eyebrows softly as she looked at her painting with a serious expression on her face.

The Xu family had a good time during dinner on new years eve.

Old Madam Xu was tired.

Hence, not long after dinner was over, she gave Xu Jialu and Xu Youyou red packets before she retired to her room to rest.

Aunt Pei was preparing food for the first day of the lunar new year while Xu Jianshu and Cheng Ying watched the Spring Festival Gala on the television.

Xu Youyou sat next to her parents as she replied to the messages wishing her a happy new year.

All of a sudden, from the corners of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Xu Jialu who seemed to be sneaking out.

She deliberately raised her voice and asked, “Brother, are you going out”


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