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Chapter 4671: Engulfing Gale

Words couldnt describe the fear in Sima Hanshan.

She knew the power of the disk since she was the current successor of the Sima.

In recent years, she had fought many geniuses and even ancestors from the great powers.

She could have killed any of them if she were to use the disk.

She honed her skill enough with it to take down an ancestor with a single move, provided that they didnt have a dao lord weapon.

Therefore, she assumed that it would be enough to wound Li Qiye or at least stop him.

Unfortunately, he easily stopped it with two fingers.

She pondered in shock, eventually coming up with another being capable of doing this - Dao Sanqian.

Alas, her perilous situation didnt permit her to think.

“Clank!” Li Qiye released the grip and flicked his finger.

The resulting sound ruptured everyones eardrums.

It caught her by surprise as she was sent back as if struck by lightning.

She nearly vomited a mouthful of blood but managed to control her churning vitality.

Keep in mind that she practiced enough to stop a dao lord attack with the disk.

It nearly became a part of her dao so this losing experience was new to her.

Just one finger flick nearly made her lose her grip and seriously injure her.

“Lets save some time, okay” Li Qiye stretched and gestured for both geniuses to come together.

Sima Hanshan and Dominators expression became ugly after seeing their opponents contemptuous attitude.

Alas, they didnt become angry and focused on the fight instead.

Despite Li Qiyes arrogance, he could definitely back it up.

They heard about him being able to stop a dao lord weapon bare-handed in the past.

However, they didnt quite buy it and attributed this to him borrowing external forces.

Now, it became abundantly clear to them that this opponent was above their station, at least in a one-on-one fight.

“Two prodigies from True Immortal, is this enough to put up a good fight” A spectator whispered.

The circumstances actually made them doubt two members of the Six Prodigies.

Normally, the duo would be able to crush anyone but Li Qiye was rather dreadful.

“He might be the most likely candidate for the dao lord position.” Everyone believed that Li Qiye had a higher chance of victory than the five conquerors.

Prior to the last few battles, most thought that Li Qiye was still one level below the five conquerors.

This narrative shifted entirely.

“We will stop you since you insist on passing through.” Sima Hanshan gathered her courage.

The two of them couldnt retreat since they have been assigned to guarding this area.

“We will not hold back.” Dominator shouted.

Retreating now meant losing his place in the sect even though he was the successor of Eighty Thousand Li Court.

“Dont worry, I wont show mercy to those who stand in my way.” Li Qiye smiled.

The duo exchanged glances and then nodded in unison after making up their mind.

“Boom!” Dominator released all of his vitality and dao halos.

Chaos energy surged upward as he summoned a small cauldron.

Howling gales immediately took over, tearing everything apart.

“Gale Cauldron!” A big shot shouted.

The cauldron was only the size of a hand but had a frightening background.

It was used by Eighty Thousand Li and was augmented by Blessed Dao Lord.

His halos surrounded the cauldron and he turned into a being made of winds and flames.

He fused with the cauldron and disappeared, allowing the cauldron to become gigantic by infusing his own energy and dao power.

At the same time, Sima Hanshan also became resplendent.

The disk in her hand rotated fast until it became a sphere of light.

She then turned into a beam and flew into the disk, also fusing with it.

“Worldraiser Light!” Her voice could be heard and a beam shot straight for Li Qiye.

This was her strongest move consisting of all of her power and vitality, resulting in a full-blown dao lord attack.

The world seemed bleak in comparison to the intensity of the beam.

It wasnt as frightening as Shen Juntians dao lord attack.

Nonetheless, it could still take down an ancestor or a top genius.

“Engulfing Gale!” Dominator also unleashed his strongest move.

The gales within the cauldron poured down like a world-ending tsunami.

The destructiveness of this affinity shocked the crowd.

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