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Chapter 4670: Insignificant Slash

Instead of an unbearable suppression, the power from her disk focused on a piercing sharpness.

She hasn’t activated her weapon yet everyone felt sharp pricks all over their body.

Powerful cultivators channeled their merit laws and vitality in order to stop the dao lord power.

Nonetheless, they still felt an uncomfortable pain.

“Fuck!” A large number of cultivators started bleeding everywhere.

It seemed as if blood was streaming out of their pores and staining their clothes.

The frightened crowd hurriedly retreated to a safe distance.

Being stubborn would turn them into a sieve.

“That’s scary.” One of them shuddered in fear.

The unactivated power of the disk already blew blood from the crowd.

A full concentration hitting the target would instantly pierce through them.

Treasures and defensive merit laws seemed ineffective against its sharpness.

“Worldraiser Dao Lord’s early death said nothing about his talent.

Rumor has it that he had the potential to become a top-ten dao lord.” An ancestor became sentimental.

He would have become a dao lord in his own generation if it wasn’t for Emperor Ye.

The problem was that this emperor was unreasonably strong and dominant even from a historical lens, capable of virtually banishing True Immortal.

Nonetheless, Worldraiser Dao Lord still found success after hibernation - a clear display of his superior talent and another reason for the perplexity behind his death.

One explanation stated that he suffered a dao injury after battling with Emperor Ye during his youth.

It remained after the hibernation so becoming a dao lord was actually detrimental to his health.

His legacy was just as impressive.

The weapons were comparable to those of other dao lords.

For example, Sima Han Shan became far stronger with the disk in her grip.

“Excuse me, Fellow Daoist.” She glared at Li Qiye.

“Make your move.” Li Qiye smiled leisurely; the disk was nothing more than scrap metal in his eyes.

Meanwhile, the crowd watched with bated breath.

“Is he about to fight bare-handed again” An expert murmured.

Someone else who saw the fight at Golden Gate nodded: “Yes, another attempt.

“Will it be a punch” Others speculated about how Li Qiye will deal with the disk.

“Perish!” She roared and a radiance erupted around her.

The light gathered into her disk, becoming one with it.

“Clank!” The piercing property of the weapon intensified and made the crowd scream.

She swung it without using a dao technique and channeling external power.

The physical swing alone cut the sky and left behind a bottomless gap on the ground, smooth and straight.

Even the thickest and deepest layer of earth couldn’t stop it.

“Ahhh!” A genius who was overly confident was standing too close to the fight.

He was instantly split into two halves without being able to react in time.

Blood and internal organs were gathered into a pile in the center.

As for the smarter crowd, they felt blood streaming down from their forehead.

They were fortunate enough to avoid the youth’s fate.

After experiencing this, some ancestors knew that they would die to her attack without an appropriate weapon.

They gained a new perspective on what should be defined as “sharp”.

“No dao lord power yet still fatal.” A high ancestor took a deep breath.

“It’s not a dao lord attack but I can’t criticize it at all.” Another ancestor said.

When the crowd regained its wits from the initial slash, the shockwaves and gales finally occurred due to the actual contact.

This sent debris flying everywhere.

They saw Li Qiye gripping the blade of the disk with two fingers.

This made their jaw hit the ground.

Of course, many were prepared mentally to see this since it wasn’t Li Qiye’s first time.

He was absolutely the clear favorite in this fight because the battlefield was Worldbreaker.

Alas, he didn’t borrow the fist intents at all and used two fingers instead as if he was playing with flowers.

The sharpness of the disk didn’t apply to him.

His body seemed to be tougher than a weapon or treasure.


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