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After Li Hao used the soul contract, a connection with Ye Changhe immediately appeared in Li Haos mind.

With a thought, he could decide Ye Changhes life and death.

Ye Changhe became Li Haos second servant other than Master Sanyang.

As a mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator and the true ruler of the Ye family, Ye Changhe must be of some use.

Li Hao was not a good person.

“This is… a soul contract”

Ye Changhe also felt the existence of the soul contract.

Strange runes appeared in his soul, making him feel that his life was out of his control.

However, this was the truth.

Ye Changhe was in a daze.

His expression turned extremely ugly again.

Now, he had no choice.

“As long as youre obedient, its not impossible for me to undo this soul contract,” said Li Hao calmly again.

With that, Li Hao came to Shen Manges side.

“Its okay! Lets go!” Li Hao said gently to Shen Mange.

He was no longer as domineering as before.


Shen Mange nodded obediently again, but she was extremely shocked and curious.

What she had just seen was simply beyond her understanding.

Li Hao pulled Shen Mange out.

Outside the shop, Qin Dou stared blankly at the scene that had just happened, and his heart was in turmoil.

There was no intense battle as he had imagined.

There was only absolute suppression.

Ye Changhe, the number one expert of the Ye family, was actually crushed by the other party with a raise of his hand.

Who was this guy He was too strong.

Qin Dou was shocked to the extreme.

He had to tell his family about this when he returned.

By the way, Ye Shiyun… What did Ye Tian just say Qin Feng had already gone to Jiangbei…

However, at this moment, Qin Dou jumped again and thought of something terrifying.

Wasnt Ye Shiyun Qin Fengs fiancée

As for Qin Feng, he was still his elder brother in name.

This guy in front of him clearly had a deep relationship with Ye Shiyun.

If he stood against the Qin family because of Ye Shiyun, wouldnt the Qin family be finished

What had just happened here was a lesson.

“Eh Why havent you left”

At this moment, Li Haos voice came from the side again.

Qin Dou was stunned.

“Uh… that… I was waiting for you here.

You dont have a car to go back, right Ill give you this car,” said Qin Dou immediately.

He had an idea.

“What This car is for us This is a Lamborghini! Really” Before Li Hao could speak, Shen Mange exclaimed again.

“Of course it is,” said Qin Dou with a smile, but he had his own thoughts.

Li Hao also looked at Qin Dou in surprise and said calmly, “In that case, thank you!”

Then, he said to Shen Mange, “Get in the car.”

“Ok.” Shen Mange nodded and got into the passenger seat.

Li Hao did not stand on ceremony and got into the drivers seat.


The Lamborghinis engine roared and it sped away the next moment.


Seeing this scene, Qin Dou took a deep breath and muttered, “Im still the smartest…”

In Qin Dous opinion, giving this car to the other party could be considered building a good relationship with him.

The other party was a cultivator.

Compared to befriending a cultivator and building a good relationship, a Lamborghini was nothing.

Li Hao drove the Lamborghini away from Yu Mountain.

“Li Hao, are you a god”

In the passenger seat beside him, Shen Mange looked at Li Haos handsome side profile and could not help but ask him.

Her beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light.

She had also seen that scene just now and felt that it was too dreamy.

“Hehe… God Im still far from it.”

When Li Hao heard Ye Shiyuns words, he smiled faintly.

Although he was already a Core Formation cultivator and could use some cultivation methods, he was still far from the legendary immortal.

At this moment, Li Hao picked up the phone and made a call.

He wondered how Shiyun was doing.

If the Qin family brought her back to Shanghai, Li Hao might have to visit the Qin family again.

Soon, the call was picked up.

“Hello, Li Hao…” Ye Shiyuns voice sounded on the phone.

Hearing Ye Shiyuns voice, Li Hao felt a little relieved.

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