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Chapter 38 Only for one minister

As the hoofs stopped, the tall horse reined in front of the inn.

It was night again.

He still remembered that when he left the inn with Yuzhen, it was also at night, the full moon shone brightly, and cold wind blew.

The pennant with the word “wine” hanging swayed in the wind, and the aroma of wine was overflowing.

Yan Tenghua rolled over from the horse and fell, and the moment he landed on the ground, a group of men in black who were hiding in the alley rushed up, unsheathed their long swords, and pointed at him one after another.

He looked at the men in black, who were so well covered that only their eyes could be seen.

They were no match for his Guards.

No matter how good their martial arts were, they would never be his opponents.

It only made him want to laugh. 

“Oh Are you that afraid of me” He raised his head and said to the person upstairs.

A hand stretched out from the window and stopped their actions.

The people in black immediately withdrew as if they had been granted amnesty.

Yan Tenghua looked away from the man in black and looked upstairs again, only to see someone leaning against the window frame and waiting with arms folded to his chest, his brows were quite vigilant and resentful.

Seeing that Yan Tenghua was also looking at him, he made a gesture of “please” and invited him upstairs.

What could have made this prince, who had always swallowed his voice and bowed down to Great Yan, looked so resentful.

What else could it be, even if one couldn’t guess, Yan Tenghua already knows.

The elegant banquet on the second floor had long been prepared, as if expecting that someone would come, but didn’t expect it to be him.

Yan Tenghua walked up to the attic slowly, every step was deeply vigilant and domineering, Liu Ling couldn’t help but feel depressed. 

“Prince Liu, holding a banquet here, you shouldn’t be waiting for this King, right Don’t you know that what this King hates most is private collusion of his own people and intentional betrayal.”

Liu Ling still forebeared, The Prince An,  who cooperated with him hanged himself, and General Mu, who was in charge of the military power in the east, was also killed by Yan Tenghua.

He was worried about when Yan Tenghua would come, but after half a month of silence, he thought he had never found out.

Before Yan Tenghua could put down his cup, he heard Liu Ling angrily ask, “Where is my Yuzhen”

“Your Yuzhen” He raised the corner of his mouth. Liu Ling dared to take his possession as his own, he was really tired of living.

 “Prince Liu, do you know that Yuzhen was seriously injured because of your plan If we hadn’t met the genius doctor in Yuling Kingdom, his soul would have already returned to the heavens by now.”

“What did you say!” Liu Ling rushed up immediately.

For nearly half a month, he couldn’t find information about Yuzhen.

He didn’t expect that he left him that day to save Yan Tenghua!

Yan Tenghua originally wanted to stimulate him and let him do less boring things.

So that his and Liu Kingdom, this vassal state, can live in peace with each other, but seeing Liu Ling so flustered when he heard that Yuzhen was injured, he suddenly stopped.

There was a feeling of his possession being invaded.

With a big hand, the round table was immediately torn apart, it split into four or five pieces, and the wine and vegetables were scattered all over the floor.

Liu Ling was taken aback and reflexively retreated to the side.

His cold and ruthless eyes stared at Liu Ling.

“You’d better be good and not offend this King, but it is not something that can be solved by destroying the country.

Don’t blame this King for not reminding you, there will be no next time….and Liu Yuzhen, you will never see him again in your life.”

Liu Ling didn’t know martial arts, so he didn’t dare go head to head with Yan Tenghua, but he couldn’t agree with what he said in his heart.

“This King can return your brother to Liu Kingdom, but you can only choose either Liu Qi or Liu Yuzhen.

If you dare to reach out to Liu Yuzhen within a month, Liu Qi will die.

On the contrary, if you give up Liu Yuzhen, Liu Qi will return to you in its entirety.”

“Despicable and shameless!” Liu Ling gritted his teeth and said with red eyes.

“You took Yuzhen away long ago, why did you cheat me, you already got Great Yan, why did you take away my Yuzhen!”

“Why Who told him to dare touch this King’s Zhijun.” Yan Tenghua said without hesitation, however this logical answer was denied long ago.

Liu Ling, who had always been elegant and shy, showed a sinister look, and his hatred grew stronger.

“I took away Yan Zhijun.

You want Liu Yuzhen Ah, sure.

Just wait for me to join forces with Yuzhen and destroy your Great Yan.

Now that you know everything, I am not afraid to tell you the truth.

Yuzhen is my minister for life.

He will only serve me in this life.

Do you think he was only forced to stay in Great Yan Hehe, let’s just wait and see.”

Yan Tenghua’s face changed suddenly, if Liu Ling had not fled the room immediately after speaking, he would have executed Liu Ling on the spot.

It turned out that the culprit who took away Zhijun was him.

It turned out that there were too many things he didn’t know.

Telling this King to wait and see

Good Liu Ling, do you really think this King dare not touch you

Although he thought so, he also knew that his dignity was being provoked.

Yan Tenghua remained still and refused to move his legs.

What Liu Ling said about Yuzhen–that he was only scheming, that Yuzhen only fell in love with him, that Yuzhen…….never had Yan Tenghua in his heart, and that everything was just a plot–

His fists were clenched so tightly that everything he could reach would immediately turn into broken tiles and rubble, but he swallowed this resentment abruptly.

He couldn’t show weakness to Liu Ling.

Liu Yuzhen’s heart was also hard to guess.

Why only rely on Liu Ling’s words Moreover, was that person really the Prime Minister Liu

Yan Tenghua moved towards the window and smashed the window frame, gritted his teeth and looked at the bright moon.

At the same time, looking up at this bright moon, there was also Liu Yuzhen who was far away in the palace.

The moon was so big and looked so close.

The stars twinkled brightly, as if he was back in the northern Gobi desert and could reach out and touch it.

Liu Yuzhen was sitting on the big two-meter-high window, dangling his feet.

He was staying in Xiao Zipei’s room without moving an inch.

Zipei’s ribs were broken and his arms were somewhat dislocated.

In the treatment of these injuries, Liu Yuzhen, who was often injured and had long been experienced with this, volunteered to come over to “help” Xiao Zipei, but he didn’t know how Zipei could bear it, and now he passed out from the pain.

Counting the time, it had already been four hours since Zipei fainted, and the moon had already reached the top of the head and started to sink to the west.

It was already 12 midnight.

At this moment, Xiao Zipei suddenly moved, Yuzhen heard his moans, and immediately ran over and laughed at him.

“Hey, Xiao Pei, you fainted with just such a little injury, do you still want to be my bodyguard”

Zipei narrowed his eyes, expressing anger and helplessness at his ridicule, but he was not Liu Yuzhen, and of course he would still show unbearable pain when he was in pain.

Yuzhen asked the imperial physician to retreat, and wiped the cold sweat from Zipei’s forehead by himself.

“It’s great that you’ve woken up.

Look what happened to you, why were you so badly hurt Also, quickly say to me what happened to Zhijun.”

Zipei looked at Yuzhen with a pale face, a little confused.

“…Yes, something did happen.”

“Is she safe” Seeing that he was having difficulty in answering, he immediately switched to simple questioning.

“She’s safe.”

Zipei felt sullen when he thought of the eldest princess, and wished to recover immediately and tell everything what he had seen. 

“You have to find her as soon as possible, or else…”

“Or else, will she be in danger Or will I be in danger Well, it doesn’t matter, give me the command of the Imperial Guard.

I can’t do it with just one person’s strength.” 

He was not consulting Xiao Zipei at all and directly took his token.

“Take care of your injury, I’ll come back tomorrow to give you a plaster cast, so you can get better faster.

Bye bye~”

After saying that, Liu Yuzhen jumped out of the window.

Although he was still seriously injured, he seemed to be fine, as if the Devil May Cry gave him something strange to eat when he was treating him, and that after eating it, his body seemed to be in a lot of strength.

Zipei was unable to call him in time and became even more anxious. I was not worried about Zhijun, I was worried about you and Emperor Yan!


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