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The three fairies worked together, and the result was utterly heart-wrenching as the cooperation between them seemed to only be getting better and better.

Song Shuhang really wanted to make a palm out of his hair and give each fairy a hundred instances of the Saber-Nurturing Technique.

He then turned to look at the lotus flower that had swallowed the Heavenly Emperor.

The lotus projection was not that powerful, and with the strength of the Heavenly Emperor, tearing it apart was just a matter of seconds.

When the Heavenly Emperor emerges from the lotus flower, how am I supposed to explain things to her

Its not that he was trying to dupe her; it was simply the Inner World acting on its own.

“Should I just throw the Heavenly Emperor into the world of the black lotus” Song Shuhang looked at Sixteen and Sister White Dragon.

Sister White Dragon replied, “Dont look at me, I cant help you with this.”

Sixteen asked, “Wait… Why hasnt the Heavenly Emperor come out yet”

After the Heavenly Emperor was swallowed by the lotus, she did not come out immediately.

“Was her path licked away by your Inner World” asked Sister White Dragon.

As she thought of how the lotus flower had swallowed the Heavenly Emperor and there were countless roots constantly twisting around inside the lotus flower, she could not help but feel that the image was quite inappropriate.

“No.” Song Shuhang shook his head.

There was a big difference between the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly City Fragments.

One could beat him up, while the other could not.

The Inner World could not simply lick away the path of the Heavenly Emperor from her.

However, for some reason, she did not struggle out of the lotus.


Song Shuhang guessed, “Could it be that its really comfortable inside the white lotus”

Is the Heavenly Emperor reluctant to come out

It might be like when Senior White was sleeping in a cocoon.

He felt so comfortable that he did not want to come out.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword suggested, “Would you like me to give it a try Can you get another lotus flower to wrap around me”

While it was talking, the crystal clear lotus flower that had wrapped around the Heavenly Emperor finally opened.

The closed flower slowly unfolded as if it were blooming, and the process was very pleasing to the eye.

The Heavenly Emperor stood on the lotus platform with her eyes closed.

Her imperial robe wrapped around her curvy body, while the imperial crown atop her head sat slightly askew.

A powerful aura emanated from her body.

It was only when seeing how the Heavenly Emperor looked at this moment that Song Shuhang learned the true meaning of the words “when a ruler releases their aura, everyone bows down in reverence.”

The powerful aura exuding from the Heavenly Emperor seemed to be aiming for the knee joints of all the creatures that it reached, causing their legs to go soft and making them fall onto their knees.

“Scary,” cried the virtuous lamia.

Then, her head shrank back and returned to Shuhangs body.

“Song~ Frightening~ Stupid~” Fairy Creation also shouted before flashing away and disappearing.

They both ran away from fright.

With the two fairies gone, Song Shuhang was now left alone in Sixteens arms.

On the lotus flower, the Heavenly Emperor slowly opened her eyes.

In the next moment, the powerful aura and pressure emanating from her became even more terrifying.

At this time, she really felt like she was the ruler of all that lay between heaven and earth.

It felt as if she held the world in her hands and ruled over all living beings.

She said, “Stupid Senior Song, you cant fool me.”

The entrance was cool, but the moment she opened her mouth, the atmosphere shattered.

“I really did not have any intentions of duping you!” said Song Shuhang.

He was ready to explain the properties of the Inner World to the Heavenly Emperor to save his skin.

The Heavenly Emperor put some strength into her legs and jumped off of the lotus.

Then, she stretched out her hand towards the projection and slashed at it with her finger.

The giant lotus was severed from its base.

The Heavenly Emperor stretched out her hands, caught the flower, and put it on her back.

“This is the compensation you owe me.” The Heavenly Emperor turned her head to look at Song Shuhang and said, “Ill forget the fact that you took my path from the Heavenly City Fragments if you give me this lotus flower.”

Song Shuhang said quickly, “Sure! I have no problem with that!”

As long as he did not have to pay any spirit stones, anything was fine.

If were talking about lotus projections, then I can give you as many as you want.

In the past, Senior White had also cut a lotus projection, using it to make some stones that could replenish his spiritual energy.

The Heavenly Emperor said, “Then open the door.

Im leaving.”

“Of course, youre welcome to be a guest here anytime,” replied Song Shuhang enthusiastically as he opened a passage that led outside the Inner World.

The Heavenly Emperor laughed and left while carrying the lotus with her.

After she left, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

Then, he lightly gasped and said to Sixteen, “Sixteen, it hurts!”

Sixteen turned to look down at Song Shuhang with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Ever since I re-entered the Inner World, my neck has left the Living Spring, so Ive been hurting like crazy.

Ive been enduring it all this time.” Song Shuhang leaned against Sixteen, his head shivering from the intense pain he was suffering from.

Sixteen hurriedly brought out her saber and flew towards the Living Spring with Song Shuhangs head in her arms.

Song Shuhang sighed and said, “Life itself is not pain, but rather its a journey of enjoying pain.”

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Emperor stepped out of the Inner World, carrying the lotus with her.

As soon as she came out, she saw that scholar who had been using Buddhist techniques to fight her.

The corners of the Heavenly Emperors mouth curled up.

“Youre the leader of the scholarly factions Thirteen Tribulation Transcenders, Dao-something.

What was your name again”

The man replied, “You can just call me Dao-something.

Anyhow, none of this really matters as you probably wont remember anything of what I say.”

“Do you want to fight again” asked the Heavenly Emperor.

“However, if you dont use any of your scholarly factions techniques and keep using Buddhist techniques, how much of your power can you bring out”

“Dao-something” was in an odd state and was constantly holding back.

Dao-something replied calmly, “Theres no need for that.

The scholarly faction no longer has any fragments, so there is no reason for us to continue fighting.”

The Heavenly Emperor nodded and then said, “I understand.

Youre here to laugh at me, arent you You must be the one who interfered with the transaction.”

No wonder an honest person like Senior Song almost duped her today.

It seemed that Dao-something was the one making trouble in the dark!

The driver uncle replied, “I was just taking advantage of the situation.”

“Hahaha.” The Heavenly Emperor smiled and said, “But you are destined to be disappointed.

I got my hands on something even more important than the fragments.”

She raised the lotus projection.

“Look at this.

Even if I were to give away all the Heavenly City Fragments I have, I wouldnt be able to exchange for something this good.

I really have to thank you for your gift.”

The driver uncles face froze.

Isnt that the lotus projection produced by Profound Sage Tyrannical Song

Daozi knew a few things about this lotus projection, but he had no idea that it was this valuable.

Could the Heavenly Emperor be acting Could she be pretending to have gained something good rather than having been cheated in order to save face

“Then, I would like to congratulate you, Fellow Daoist Heavenly Emperor.” Daozi quickly recovered his calm and wore a refined smile.

His smile was the same as that of the Sage, a clean and elegant smile that would drive their enemies crazy.

The corners of the Heavenly Emperors mouth rose up.

She carried the huge lotus flower and returned to her immortal boat palace in the sky.

Then, she carefully stored the lotus away.

It really was a great treasure as far as she was concerned.

After all, it was related to her roots.

It was an important item that could help her escape her fate!

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