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The power of Advanced Swordsmanship — Grand Burial was truly terrifying.

It was mainly due to the combination of Lin Xuans second innate skill, Killing, and Lin Xuans terrifying defense-breaking ability.

In an instant, countless sea beasts were reduced to ashes.

The companions who came to support them from the nearby three circle routes were all stunned.

They stood there in a daze as they watched the terrifying horde being forcefully split open by Lin Xuan.

All the sea beasts in the nearby region were dead and he was unharmed!

“F*ck, how does he have such a terrifying killing skill”

“Is this the new elite of Taixia Country Didnt they say that they were still training”

“Did we come here for nothing”

“Alas, we wanted to show off our joint attack tactics in front of the elite of Taixia Country.

Now, it seems that weve been shown off!”

“Lets hurry up and go back.

The defense of our region is very unstable.”

“Youre right.

Pretend that weve not been here, we didnt see anything…”

The group of people came here happily and went back dejectedly.

However, they were still very happy inside.

The stronger the top talents were, the stronger Taixia Country would be.

The more powerful Taixia Country would be in front of the outside world, the safer Taixia Country would stay.

In the future, after retiring, they could enjoy their retirement in peace.

That was great!

Not only those who came to support Zhang Ningtian were shocked; even the members of the second-year high school teams were scared too.

It was not that they had not seen powerful skills and moves before.

Zhang Ningtians methods were absolutely terrifying.

With him as the center point, the range of the thunder was almost a one-shot kill to all the mystic-rank wild monsters.

Moreover, the duration was extremely long.

However, that was Zhang Ningtian.

He had already broken through to the mystic-rank for more than a year.

Regardless of whether it was his skills, class, cultivation method, or bloodline, he already had his own set of skills for the world.

He had already embarked on his own path.

What about Lin Xuan With such terrifying lethality and killing range, the sea beasts would die upon contact.

However, when he saw that Lin Xuan was weakly curled up in Li Ruis embrace, his hands and feet would twitch from time to time… it seemed like the price he had to pay was quite high.

With such a terrifying skill cast, he probably wouldnt be able to fight for a short period of time… right

He could only hope that he didnt hurt the cultivation source!

However, to his surprise, in less than a minute, Lin Xuan was able to support himself against the wall and walk.

In less than two minutes, he was able to barely lift his saber and slash at a yellow-ranked small sea beast.

Three minutes later, a mystic-ranked large sea beast died in his hands!

This also officially announced the return of the invincible Vice-captain of Di Yi!

Everyone was speechless.

At this moment, a strange thought arose in everyones mind.

Did they go down the wrong path Ultimate attack abilities, powerful field control abilities, and flirtatious healing abilities were all useless.

“Whats wrong Stop looking at me like that!”

“Do you mind if I call you my brother Can you tell me how you paired your skills with such great strength I cant fathom how strong you will become!”

A few guardians came forward.

They were also on the path of defense, but in terms of defense and self-recovery, they were far inferior to Lin Xuan.

Not to mention their offensive abilities, which were almost non-existent.

At this moment, they hurriedly came forward to ask for advice.

“Tsk, how am I strong Im only invincible among those of the same level.

I cant surpass my level to suppress an earth-rank demon king.

Its not worth the explanation!”

Lin Xuan waved his hand humbly.

In his opinion, not being able to surpass ones level to kill an earth-rank demon king was not considered strong at all.

Li Rui, who was at the side, came over and the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Invincible among those of the same level, huh What about me”

“Uh…” Lin Xuan was speechless.

Although he didnt want to admit it, Li Ruis domain of fear and that strange feast had indeed brought a great sense of oppression to Lin Xuan.

In terms of physique alone, he was probably a little better than him.

Li Rui was the first ability user who could cultivate Double Calamity on his own.

Whether it was in terms of physique or soul, he had an advantage over Lin Xuan!

Of course, even if ones physique was strong, one had to know that having thick skin did not mean that ones defensive ability was strong.

Otherwise, Lin Xuans many armor-type magic defenses would have been stacked in vain.

One could only say who was more substantial.

One still had to fight to know!

“Alright, alright.

Well talk about this in the future.

Hows the situation now”

While Lin Xuan was recovering, he did not have the energy to pay attention to the real-time situation on the battlefield.

“The situation is a little better now.

The three calamities have summoned almost all the sea beasts in the nearby sea areas.

Now that weve blocked this wave, if they still want to continue using the horde to attack, theyll have to camp a wave of sea beasts.

We should be able to rest for a while.”

A sharpshooters eyes gleamed as he watched the battle clearly.

Closely after that, he told Lin Xuan about the specific situation based on his speculation.

Lin Xuan nodded.

There were numerous sea monsters in the sea.

However, that was only limited to the nearby sea areas of Taixia Country.

The previous waves of sea monsters would be enough to tire them out, if there were more, they might not survive anymore.

The problem was that other sea regions also had their own lords.

They could not just recruit soldiers at will, additionally, there were allies of Taixia Country in the ocean!

Taixia Country could not abandon the diplomatic principle of long-range friendship and short-range attack.

Now that there were three calamities in the nearby waters, was it reasonable to find a friend in the distant waters

One had to find a spy in the sea.

Even though Taixia Country had not started to fight the sea, it was all over the news.

The three disasters in the nearby sea area didnt have any good solutions at the moment.

Obviously, the Queen of Storm would not allow her clansmen to fight them to death.

Additionally, it was normal for mages to stay at the rear end!

As for that, although there were many Sea Spirit Murlocs, they had already attacked them enough for them to back away.

Additionally, the earth-rank powerhouses in Taixia Country started to exert their strength and killed some earth-rank ocean spirits, at this moment, they all started to retreat.

Although the sounds were different, they all meant the same thing — we tried our best here!

Yes, the voices of the three calamities near the sea were probably meant to be listened to by some unknown boss hiding somewhere.

In the Green Sea Palace, the young Daoist suddenly opened his eyes.

“Its time!”

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