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Wen Yuan smiled, turned around and hugged Qi jinrans waist, leaning his head on his shoulder.

“If it wasnt for being able to come with you, this scenery would be meaningless to me.”

The smile on Qi Jinrans face deepened.

He hugged Wen Yuans waist tightly, and in the warm breeze, gently kissed him.

“Xiao Yuan, because you like it, this is also meaningful to me.

I will accompany you wherever you want to go in the future.”

Wen Yuan nodded.

His face turned a little red after he noticed the curious eyes from the tourists behind him, and he moved to the side.

“Okay, there are more and more people on the bridge.

Lets go down after watching and leave the place to others.”

After coming down from Neuschwanstein Castle, the two walked around the town at the foot of the mountain holding hands.

Several people were swimming in the lake accompanied by white swans floating leisurely in the circle, creating circles of green ripples in the water that reflected the shape of the mountains.

Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran sat under the shade of a tree, Wen Yuan took off his shoes and socks, put his feet into the cool lake water, and tested the temperature.

“Jinran, this water is so comfortable.

You should also take off your shoes and try it out.”

Qi Jinran had no choice but to roll up his trousers and take off his leather shoes and socks.

He was just about to put his feet in, when a little girl swam over.

She saw a metal prosthesis under Qi Jinrans rolled-up trousers, and her eyes widened in surprise.

“Mom, that persons legs are so strange.” The little girl said in English.

The little girls mother also swam over.

When she saw Qi Jinrans metal prosthetic limb, she felt very sorry and scolded her daughter.

“Charlotte, you cant stare at others like this, its rude.” She went ashore, wrapped herself in a towel, brought her little daughter up, and apologized to Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan.

“Im sorry, my daughter didnt think through what she said.

Im very sorry for offending you.” 

The little girl was a little aggrieved.

Her big blue eyes blinked twice as she apologized, still staring curiously at Qi Jinrans right legs.

Wen Yuan smiled, and beckoned the little girl over.

“Do you know why this uncles legs are like this” he said in fluent English.

“Why” The little girl was very curious.

Wen Yuan smiled, with a gentle light flashing in his eyes, “Because this uncle saved the world in his last life, so his leg was made of metal, which is a gift from god.

Ordinary people dont have this treatment.”

“Wow, thats so cool!” The little girl smiled and blinked, looking at Qi Jinran beside Wen Yuan with envy and surprise.

“Uncle, can I touch your leg”

Qi Jinran had a faint smile in his eyes, as he rolled up his trousers and let the little girl touch his metal prosthetic limb.

“Uncle, you are super awesome.

Ill be as cool as you in the future!” Before leaving, the little girl looked at Qi Jinran with glowing eyes.

“Okay, I hope to see that day, I believe you can do it.”

Qi Jinrans mouth slightly raised, watching the little girl and her mother leave.

After taking photos of the swans and lake, Wen Yuan stood up and patted the grass clippings on his butt.

“Jinran, shall we go to dinner”

“Why do you get hungry so quickly” The man laughed a little.

“Weve been walking all afternoon, of course Ill be hungry.” Wen Yuan grabbed his hand and pulled him up from the grass.

Qi Jinran took advantage of the situation and pulled him into his arms, kissing him on the mouth.

As long as the two of them are together, they cant help but want to hug and kiss, as if there are magnets that attract each other hidden in their bodies, and even a moments separation is unbearable.

“Jinran, lets go back to the hotel to rest after dinner.

You must be tired after walking all day.

Ill give you a massage.”

Qi Jinran listened to everything.

After eating in a nearby town, the two returned to the hotel together.

This hotel also imitated the appearance of Neuschwanstein Castle.

It has a high dome and a gorgeous wall corridor.

The room is a classical palace.

style, you can see the towering Neuschwanstein Castle in the distance when you open the window.

Wen Yuan put the man on the bed, helped him remove the prosthesis, untied the restraints, and pressed the end of his stump gently.

Qi Jinran was actually still not used to letting Wen Yuan do these things, but since the two expressed their feelings to each other, the number of times the nurses came to massage him lessened.

Every time Wen Yuan took the initiative to ask to massage his right leg, and each time he let him try, but even then it was still somewhat restrained.

“Is this comfortable Is the soreness relieved” Wen Yuan learned some things from the nurse and his massage techniques were very skilled.

Leaning against the pillow, Qi Jinrans face had a touch of red.

His chin was slightly raised, revealing a constantly bobbing adams apple, looking fragile and sexy.

“Mmm… Does your hand hurt Just massage for a few minutes, you dont have to do it all the time.” Qi Jinran knew that Wen Yuan usually had to bake and required a lot of wrist strength.

He often saw Wen Yuan kneading dough until his wrists were sore, and he didnt want to burden his hands any more.

“Its alright, I cant use up all my strength anyway.”

“By the way, tomorrow Im going to start a live broadcast and make cakes.

The scenery here is so good, I want fans to see it too.”

“How long are you going to live broadcast” Qi Jinran was a little dissatisfied.

Maybe he shouldnt let the housekeeper prepare so many materials, or so quickly.

Otherwise he could drag Wen Yuan and spend time in the hotel for a few days.

“About half an hour, Ill make a chiffon cake, its very quick.”

Thats what he said, but for the live broadcast, Wen Yuan got up early the next day to prepare baking materials, and adjust the camera to find the best shooting angle according to the light.

Wearing a shirt and casual trousers, Qi Jinran was leaning against the counter watching him bustle about.

Seeing Wen Yuan devote himself to the ten oclock live broadcast, his mood was rather complicated.

Why does he feel that at this moment he is not as important as those fans

“Jinran, come and help me beat eggs, the live broadcast will start soon.

There is not enough time, the temperature of the eggs wasnt right earlier.”

“Okay, Ill help.” Qi Jinran complained in his heart, but was always on call.

Walking over, he rolled up his sleeves and neatly helped him beat all the eggs.

A few months ago, Qi Jinran never dared to imagine that he would step into the kitchen, let alone help people beat eggs.

At ten oclock, Wen Yuans live broadcast started on time.

He first pointed his phone to himself and said hello to the fans behind the camera.

“Dear fans and friends, hello everyone, Im Wen Yuan, one of the chefs of Cherry Zhiyuan Dessert Shop.

I promised that everyone would be broadcast live after breaking 1 million followers, so Im here today.

But Im not at home today, Im on vacation in Europe, and behind me is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

Everyone can take a look.”

He pointed the camera of his mobile phone at the forest and castle outside the window, and the fans in the barrage who had not seen enough of his face howled with envy upon seeing the European scenery.

“God, going to Europe for vacation.

Us social animals are envious to the point of tears ┭┮﹏┭┮”

“Sure enough, men who marry into wealthy families are different.

They can go on vacation anytime, anywhere.”

“Whats the name of the castle in the back Its too beautiful.”

“Little brother, I want to see your face, quickly change the camera, the beautiful scenery can be seen later.”

“ 1 upstairs, hurry up and take a picture of your face.

The child is already hungry and needs a handsome face to wash his eyes.”

Wen Yuan looked at the comments and had to point his phone at himself again.

He greeted the fans, and after a few more greetings, he put the phone on the shelf next to the table.

It was the best shooting angle he found.

“Okay, then Ill make a chiffon cake for everyone live.

If you have materials ready, you can follow me to make it.”

Qi Jinran stood in a place out of the cameras reach, watching Wen Yuans skillful movements of beating the egg whites, and stirring the egg mixture.

While making cakes, he explained gently and patiently.

His voice was slow and calm, and the fans in the live broadcast room grew increasingly excited.

“Oh my god, brothers voice is so good, can brother sing a song”

“Yes, brother seems to have performed at T Universitys party before.

Would you like to sing live next time”

Wen Yuan laughed without answering.

Suddenly the sound of huge fireworks bursting in the live broadcast room, it turned out that someone gave him a very grand carnival, and they immediately ranked first in the reward list.

Other fans who were busy brushing planes and submarines were stunned to see a big shot appear, and soon the sharp-eyed fans discovered that the name of the new big man was not the same as before.


Isnt this the English abbreviation of Wen Yuans husband No wonder this big shot is so generous, it turns out that the husband is here.

Fans were heartbroken at the thought of Wen Yuan getting married at an early age, and wailed in the comments.

“My little brother is so handsome, its a pity that he already has an owner.

I envy that dog man.”

“He is handsome, can sing, cook, play guitar, and play basketball.

This all-round sunshine school grass has already gotten married, my heart hurts.”

“QJR, Im at odds with you today, draw your blade!”

“Woooooooo, Im going to climb the wall.

When I think that my little brother belongs to another man, my heart is broken!”

Wen Yuan glanced at the comments, mixed the beaten egg whites and egg yolks, walked off camera while holding the mold, and secretly dragged Qi Jinran aside.

“Dont spend so much money as a reward.

Its shared with the platform, and is too wasteful.”

“I want to, cant I And hows it possible that my name isnt in your fan club” Qi Jinran doesnt care about this small amount of money at all.

“As for you, when will you be able to finish live broadcasting with those fans”

“Alright, alright.

Very soon.”

After comforting him, Wen Yuan returned to the camera.

After pouring the fully mixed egg mixture into the mold, he shook the mold with his hand to release the air bubbles.

Then he put it into the oven and set the temperature.

The last step is completed.

“I will make another short video after the cake is out of the oven, so todays live broadcast will end here.

Thank you very much for your support, dont need to send gifts.

I have received your thoughts, love you all!”

“See you next time, thank you all for your support!”

Wen Yuan wiped his hands with a tissue and swiped at the top right corner of the screen while fans were reluctantly holding back.

He remembered that it was the position to quit the live broadcast, but he didnt realize that the flour on his hands was not wiped clean, and he didnt really exit the live broadcast room.

So the dazed audience in the live broadcast room saw such a scene- As soon as Wen Yuan turned around, he was pressed on the marble table on the other side by a tall and handsome man who suddenly appeared in the camera.

The mans profile was exquisite, his slender and fair hands firmly held Wen Yuans waist, and his tone was slightly dissatisfied.

“Only making things for others to eat, when will you let me have a bite”

The audience in the live broadcast room was stunned for a minute, and then they realized who the man who appeared was.

The barrage rolled wildly in an instant, and the number of viewers in the live broadcast room also set a record high.

“Ah ah ah ah, fairy mate!! So well matched!”

“Ah! Hurry up and let him eat, let him eat!”

“Damn, the real big guy is even more handsome than the photo, handsome enough to make my legs soft! These two are a perfect match, I fainted!”

“Kitchen play, hurry up and start!”

The sound of frantically brushing gifts caught Wen Yuans attention, he frowned and suddenly realized what was wrong.

Seeing the phone behind them, he discovered the camera was still on, and his cheeks suddenly flushed.

He hurriedly exited the live broadcast room, but the fans had already taken a screenshot of the scene just now.

Since then, this video has been widely circulated on the Internet, and their CP fans have grown further and more powerful online.

“Ahhh, why didnt you remind me, I didnt know the live broadcast wasnt turned off!” Wen Yuan was so embarrassed that he and Qi Jinran had been seen by countless viewers just now.

“I thought you were done.” The man looked innocent and hugged Wen Yuans waist from behind.

“Besides, theres nothing to lose by letting them take a look.

You are mine anyway, so isnt it good if everyone in the world knows this”

“Its not good at all, Ill be ashamed to see fans in the future.”

Qi Jinran chuckled, “How about I accompany you in the next live broadcast”

“Really” Wen Yuan didnt quite believe it.

“Really.” Qi Jinrans eyes were calm.

Wen Yuans expression improved at the words.

“Didnt you say were going for a walk Hurry up.”

“Okay, Ill go for a walk with you, you can run if you want.”

 In the afternoon, Wen Yuan tried paragliding near Neuschwanstein Castle.

It was something he has always wanted to try.

The feeling of flying in the sky is very wonderful.

He felt he had become a big bird, wind whistling past his ears, and forests, lakes, meadows and towering castles under his feet.

It was unbelievably beautiful.

Qi Jinrans legs were inconvenient, so instead of paragliding, he rode a hot air balloon with him.

The two sat together, shoulder to shoulder, looking at the white clouds above their heads and the incomparably pure blue sky.

In the moment, time stretched, long and beautiful.

The two returned to the hotel after playing.

Wen Yuan massaged his right leg, washed his hands, came out of the bathroom, and they lay side by side.

No one spoke, they just lay quietly together, listening to each others breathing and looking at the starry sky outside the window.

“Jinran, I think Im really lucky to have met you.” Wen Yuan blinked and said suddenly.

Qi Jinrans heart moved, and the deepest part of his heart trembled.

A strong emotion almost gushed out.

Wen Yuan was actually wrong, he should be the one who was really lucky.

The man hugged the boy beside him and kissed him on the cheek.

He wrapped his wrist around his waist and held his other hand tightly.

He looked at Wen Yuan.

His eyes were the same as always, with a love that was so strong that it almost turned into real love.

“Xiao Yuan, I love you.”

I love you very much.

In this life, he will never love another person like this again, because Wen Yuan is the whole meaning of his life.

“Jinran, I love you too.”

Wen Yuan looked at him deeply, leaned forward as he had done countless times, and kissed the mans lips.

In this life, no one can separate them except death.


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