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The next morning, while Wen Yuan was still in bed, he received a call from Suzhou.

“Senior, hurry up and open a short video account.

Your fans come to ask me every day.

If you open an account, the traffic will be very good.

Maybe there will be business cooperation.”

Wen Yuan hadnt woken up yet, and responded vaguely.

“Senior, did I disturb you to sleep” Suzhou asked a little embarrassed when she heard his lazy voice.

There was a moment of silence on the other end, and then the phone was replaced by another mans low, magnetic voice.

“Dont call so early in the future, he hasnt woken up yet.”

“Senior Qi!” Suzhou, who instantly understood what happened, flushed red, and quickly apologized.

Shes really stupid.

She called a pair of loving husbands early in the morning.

Isnt this just disturbing someones good dreams Senior must have been tired last night…

“Senior, you continue to rest, I will hang up first.”

Wen Yuan rested in Qi Jinrans arms for a while longer, and then slowly woke up.

He yawned without opening his eyes, and asked Qi Jinran, “What did Suzhou tell me just now”

“She asked you to open a short video account.” Qi Jinran didnt seem very happy.

Wen Yuan was acutely aware of his mood change.

He leaned over and kissed Qi Jinrans nose, and said coquettishly, “Why You dont want me to open an account”

“Dont you have a lot of fans on Weibo” Qi Jinrans tone was sour.

Wen Yuan chuckled softly, “There are few real fans on Weibo, most of them are zombie fans.

Now most traffic is on short videos.

Why, are you afraid that I have too many fans”

Qi Jinran didnt say anything, but his long eyelashes drooped down.

Wen Yuan knew what he was thinking at a glance.

He suddenly got up, dug out the wedding photos in the closet, took a photo with his mobile phone, and posted it on Weibo.

Wen Yuan: Married, dont mention unrelated people.

Accompanying it are wedding photos of him and Qi Jinran, and their ID information and Qi Jinrans face are mosaiced.

As soon as this Weibo was posted, the fans who didnt really believe that he was married were heartbroken.

Of course, more fans sent their blessings, shouting that the two were a good match.

After all, although Qi Jinran didnt show his face, in the photo, he was in a suit and leather shoes, sitting upright, and his temperament was extremely noble at first glance.

Many fans began to speculate about his identity.

“This sitting position looks like a big business man, and the gems on the cuffs are flashing!”

“I just checked the price of their suits.

This special custom made by BV cost more than one million yuan a set… Absolutely.”

“Then you didnt see the brooch on Wen Yuans body.

The official price is more than 5 million yuan, and its even higher!”

“The traffic ex-boyfriend is no longer fragrant.

Its still a business boss and a sweetheart chef.”

“Wen Yuans life is a shuangwen1text or literature where the MC rises to the top/success in the world.

Theres a description in the footnote of BATCFOs summary template.

Ex-boyfriend cheats, and after breaking up, he turned around and got engaged to the boss of a wealthy family.

The boss is still doting on and crazy about his wife, a real winner in life, I adore it.”

“Can upstairs expand to talk about the boss in detail.

Family background And how does the boss dote on his wife”

Qi Jinran finally showed a satisfied smile when he saw the Weibo he posted.

However, seeing Wen Yuans fans talking about his identity in the comments, and those black fans jumping out to say that he is not a rich and powerful boss at all, but Wen Yuan deliberately hyping it up, he frowned again.

After thinking about it, he called Zhuang Jie.

“Help me register a Weibo account, official certification is required…”

“Why are you signing up for Weibo” Wen Yuan was a little curious about what he wanted to do.

After all, Qi Jinran doesnt care about whats going on in the entertainment industry at all, and he keeps a low profile in public.

Most media interviews are declined, and he hardly shows up online.

Thats why he wanted to mosaic Qi Jinrans face when he posted the wedding photos.

He thought he didnt want to reveal too much.

“Youll find out later.”

An hour later, after being authenticated by the official Qi Group Weibo, a Weibo of a lottery reposted by several major luxury hotel official Weibo groups went on the hot search.

Qi Group CEO: Please advise @wenyuan wedding photo jpg

BV hotel official: I wish the boss and his wife a happy wedding! Retweet a friend to draw a free executive suite for three days / Regent Hotel Official: Happy new marriage to the boss and his wife! Forward to get a draw for three days of free sea view room experience!

All the top luxury brands under Qi Group used their official Weibos to repost the lottery.

Soon, countless melon eaters and fans rushed to repost Qi Jinrans Weibo excitedly.

“Oh my god, the rich and powerful boss has shown his face! Hes so handsome!!”

“Fuck, this face is enough to go directly to an idol drama, so why did Wen Xiaoyuan put a mosaic on his husbands face”

“Probably the boss didnt want to show his face before, but the ex had to jump out and fight, and the boss couldnt help it.

Hahahahaha, the official website is too tidy, all lined up!”

“Ahhh, the rich and famous boss and the sweetheart chef, Im stunned by the match!!”

“There is only Wen Yuan in the big guys following list.

Damn, this pair is too sweet and Im stunned!!”

After Qi Jinran posted, his post became a hot search after half an hour.

With various marketing accounts, netizens coming to eat melon, and the lottery, two hours later, it had more than 200,000 retweets, and Qi Jinran had more than one million fans.

This time, the person who reacted was Wen Yuan.

“Its not fair for you to do a lottery! You have more fans than me at once!” Wen Yuan was indignant.

“It was made by Zhuang Jie.

I didnt expect so many retweets.” Qi Jinran was innocent.

Wen Yuan gritted his teeth and bit his neck hard.

“Youre not allowed to post photos in the future.

Theyre all here for your face!”

“Isnt it because Im rich” Qi Jinran enjoyed Wen Yuans little jealous temper.

“Yeah! You are handsome and rich, and you cant post pictures.

You are my husband, and belong to me alone.

No one else is allowed to covet you!”

Qi Jinran was amused by him, and hugged back, biting his mouth, helplessly and indulgently.

“Yes, I belong to you alone.


At this time.

In a conference room of an entertainment company.

“Yunqing, can you not let me worry Do you know how much I had to spend on public relations when you forwarded that Weibo Your current fans are all girlfriend fans, and your single image must be firm and unbreakable.

You actually retweeted your ex-boyfriends Weibo, I think youve lost your mind!”

Zhou Yunqing swiped Weibo, and his eyes darkened when he saw Qi Jinrans wedding photo on the hot search.

Unexpectedly, Qi Jinran would take the initiative to go public for Wen Yuan.

It seems that the man was really provoked…

“Yunqing, are you listening to me!”

“Listening, I wont next time.

Okay” Zhou Yunqing said lazily.

He excused himself to smoke, ignored his managers nagging, and went to the corridor to breathe.

Just as I was about to take out a cigarette in my pocket, his phone suddenly vibrated.

He took it out and saw that it was a message from an unfamiliar number: Mr.

Zhou, lets talk when you have time, Im Qi Jinran.

His eyes sank, and he replied with a smile: Okay.



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1text or literature where the MC rises to the top/success in the world.

Theres a description in the footnote of BATCFOs summary


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