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“Since Mr.

Qi has already drank, then we must accompany him, right Come on, lets raise a glass to Mr.

Qi!” Liu Ping said loudly.

The others agreed, clinking glasses and toasting with Qi Jinran.

As soon as Qi Jinran appeared, the gossip about Wen Yuan subsided, and those unwarranted conjectures and rumors were naturally put to rest.

Beer belly looked at Qi Jinrans fair and handsome face, and was extremely depressed.

He thought that Wen Yuan married a man just for business interests, but unexpectedly, the two were very close.

Moreover, during the banquet, Qi Jinran kept helping Wen Yuan with wine and food.

Obviously, the two were not in a commercial marriage; Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan had real feelings.

“What are you watching people for Why dont you explain what happened to not falling in love during high school Why did you lie to me!” The girlfriend beside him relentlessly asked for an explanation.

“You didnt sleep with someone in high school, right Even going to the woods with a girl! I thought you were so innocent.” She was very angry.

The two of them were introduced by friends.

Moreover, the person looks honest, and he said he had never been in a relationship before, and she even believed his words.

Unexpectedly, the man lied to her!

“Whats wrong with a high school romance You dont need to be so fussy about it, right” Beer belly was a little irritable.

“How dare you say that youve never been in a relationship before, and its the first time.

But now you actually tell me that youve had one before! Look at you, you should have had more than one, right Why should I be with someone like you whos full of lies, and suffer” His girlfriend was so angry that she dropped the cup and left the box on the spot.

When the others heard the sound, they all turned to look.

Feeling their laughing gazes at watching a good show, his face flushed red and white with shame.

His girlfriend is pure and beautiful.

He originally brought her here to show off in front of his classmates, but he didnt expect that stealing chickens would not be worth the money.

“Lao Wang, arent you going after your girlfriend” Liu Ping smiled.

Beer belly wanted face, and didnt want others to think that he was licking a dog chasing after a woman, so he stubbornly said, “What is there to chase.

I have to cater to her all day long, and am tired of her nagging.

Dont know good and bad! Let her see how good I am.”

“Lao Wang, you say this now.

Dont really irritate your girlfriend, what should she do if she breaks up with you”

“How is it possible to break up” He sneered.

He works in a state-owned enterprise and has a stable job.

Although he does not look good and has an average figure, he feels very good about himself.

His girlfriend was just a music teacher in a private elementary school.

Its already a great blessing to match with him, how dare she break up with him Absolutely impossible!

Unexpectedly, as soon as he thought of this, his phone vibrated.

Above is a text message from my girlfriend.

“I was just outside the box, and heard everything you said.

Lets break up.”

He suddenly turned pale.

Seeing him hurriedly rush out, Wen Yuan smiled with relief.

Counts as the wicked suffering retribution.

It was late at night when they left the hotel.

Qi Jinran drank too much wine, and his face was a little flushed.

Even the roots of his ears were a little red.

When he got into the car, Wen Yuan looked at his rare drunk state, and couldnt help pinching his face.

“Why did you keep blocking drinks for me I couldve just drank with them myself.”

“I dont want them to see you drunk.” Because Qi Jinran was drunk, his voice was particularly low, and his breath was warm with the smell of alcohol.

“Then you dont need to help me block every glass of wine.

I didnt drink much, and gave it all to you.”

“Im your husband, and its my duty to help you block them.” Qi Jinran paused, and then added.

“You can only show me when youre drunk.”

“You dare say this.

Didnt everyone see the way you were drunk All the female students were staring at you with gleaming eyes.

Looking at you like wolves that have been hungry for hundreds of years.

All of them had green eyes!”

Qi Jinran laughed softly and pinched his face lightly.

“Xiao Yuan, are you jealous”

It seems that he should accompany him more in the future.

“Im not.” Wen Yuan had a hard mouth.

The smile in Qi Jinrans eyes deepened.

His black eyes were filled with burning love.

He squeezed his chin and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Xiao Yuan, you look so cute when youre jealous, I like it very much.”

Probably because he drank too much, but the way Qi Jinran spoke became extraordinarily straightforward.

It was rare for Wen Yuan to hear him say the wordlike, and his wheat-colored cheeks were a little red.

When they returned at the hotel, Wen Yuan helped Qi Jinran stagger out of the car.

As soon as he entered the room, before he could remove his shoes, he was pressed against the wall by.

Qi Jinran pressed him against the wall and didnt let go, kissing him indiscriminately.

Wen Yuan was a little caught off guard, and pushed back against his embrace.

“Jinran, youve drunk too much.

Take a bath and wake up first.”

“Im good at drinking, its fine.” Qi Jinran kissed his ear, nibbling on the soft earlobe.

Wen Yuan was bitten until his earlobe was numb, and the numbness seemed to reach his heart, making his heart tremble.

 “Or… lets go to the bed, okay” Wen Yuan had no choice but to compromise.

In short, this kind of thing is impossible at the door, and it will be bad if heard by people passing by.

“Okay, lets go to the bed.” Qi Jinran picked him up and put him on the big bed in the center of the bedroom.

He seemed extremely happy today, his deep and beautiful black eyes were full of love, bright and dazzling.

When Wen Yuan met his black eyes, he couldnt move his eyes away.

Qi Jinran put one hand on his ear, lowered her head and kissed his lips, like tasting the most delicious dessert, carefully tasting, slipping his tongue in, and besieging the hot and humid mouth.

The faint smell of alcohol melted between their lips and teeth.

Wen Yuans eyes blurred, and he gradually lost himself in the fiery kiss.

Fascinated, he heard the mans deep, soulful voice in his ear.

“Xiao Yuan… I love you.”

This was the first time Qi Jinran had said those three words to him.

Wen Yuan was both shocked and surprised, but more surprised.

Does this mean that he has successfully entered Qi Jinrans heart and completely broke the wall made of ice in his heart

The two tossed around in the hotel all night, and slept in the next day.

If Zhuang Jie had not called to remind them, they would have almost missed the plane.

Before getting on the plane, Wen Yuan remembered that he had not greeted Zhang Huaite yet.

Zhang Huaite didnt buy the same flight as them, and he didnt know when he planned to leave.

Of course, what he was more curious about is whether Zhang Huaite and Chen Xingyu made any progress last night.

The phone rang for a while before the person on the other end answered the call.

“Huaite, when are you going back to Wancheng Jinran and I are going to board.”

“Im in the hospital.” Zhang Huaite didnt seem very emotional, and his voice was a little dull.

“Hospital Is there something wrong Are you sick” Wen Yuan was very surprised and worried.

“Its not me in the hospital.

Its Chen Xingyu whos hospitalized with an acute gastric ulcer.”

“What Chen Xingyu is hospitalized Whats wrong with him Did he eat something bad”

“He accompanied me to a roadside stall this morning and drank a bowl of dou zhi.

Maybe his stomach couldnt adapt, and he already had a stomach problem, so he went to the hospital right away.” Zhang Huaites voice was a little guilty. 

Wen Yuan thought about it and asked, “Is his condition serious

“Its not particularly serious fortunately, but will take some time to recover.

When he was in the United States, the pressure was so great that his stomach was broken.”

Wen Yuan didnt expect to hear such a secret and sighed.

“Huaite, were going to board soon, so we cant go over to see you.

When you return to Wancheng, Jinran and I will invite you to dinner.

Take care of Chen Xingyu.”

“Okay, you have a safe trip.”

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yuan told Qi Jinran about Chen Xingyu.

He was not surprised to learn that Chen Xingyu had stomach problems.

“The first time I saw him, I saw his face was not right.

Hes too thin.

At first glance, it should be caused by a bad stomach.”

“You still looked at his photos” Wen Yuan teased him.

“When I was hospitalized back then, I saw all kinds of patients, so I can basically tell.” Qi Jinrans expression was light.

Wen Yuan was distressed and grabbed his hand.

“Okay, lets not talk about the past, lets go.”


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