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Wen Yuan could clearly hear that there was a strong dissatisfaction in the mans tone.

“Werent you watching the show at the time I didnt want to disturb you, so I didnt call you.”

“No matter what Im doing, you should call me first after you encounter anything, instead of seeking the help of others.” Qi Jinran paused, then added, “Especially the help of your ex-boyfriend.”

Wen Yuan smelled the sour vinegar scent, and smiled and looked at Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, dont worry, I really have nothing to do with Zhou Yunqing.

He just saw me fall and gave me a hand.

Well, its my fault that I didnt call you, so dont be angry, okay”

After hearing his explanation, the mans gloomy face became a little better.

“Whats the matter with the president of the music club Why is she embarrassing you”

Wen Yuan was about to explain the cause and effect to him when his phone vibrated.

He picked it up and saw that it was a text message from an unfamiliar number.

—Xiao Yuan, I have already solved Su Nians matter for you.

Dont worry, this person wont bother you again in the future.

Qi Jinran also saw the text message.

Although it was an unfamiliar number, it could be seen from the tone of the sender that it was a message sent by Zhou Yunqing.

His handsome face suddenly became very gloomy.

He couldnt help walking forward, grabbing Wen Yuans mobile phone, blocking the number, and deleted the text message.

He was overwhelmed with anger and jealousy, not realizing how irrational the behavior was.

Wen Yuan was taken aback, and by the time he reacted, the text message had disappeared from his inbox without a trace.

“Why did you delete it I still wanted to ask whats going on” Wen Yuans face was puzzled and a little sullen.

“Dont ask, Su Nian is the name of the president.

Ill take care of her affairs.”

“You—” Wen Yuan was so pissed off by him that he ignored Qi Jinran, picked up his phone and dialed the vice president, and soon found out what was going on.

It turned out that just after the backstage turmoil passed, Su Nian was exposed on the schools forum.

Su Nian not only has a boyfriend who is the student council president in T University, but also chats with people in-game and asks her in-game boyfriend to spend a lot of money to buy her equipment.

Dont know who posted her game account and chat records, but those unfiltered chat records became the most direct evidence, and she couldnt refute it at all.

Su Nian was embarrassed to stay in the music club after being exposed by others, and took the initiative to resign.

The student council president broke up with her that night, and the forum was full of scolding.

“Wen Yuan, Im really relieved to see that post! This woman always thinks shes prettier than anyone else and looks down on us, but now shes getting retribution! I dont know who did it, but well done!”

“She looks pure and beautiful, and thinks shes a campus goddess.

Who knew she actually stepped on two boats in private.

You really cant tell by looking at her face.” The vice president sighed.

“Wen Yuan, since she has quit the club, why dont you come back to the music club We are still the same as before.

The president is about to graduate, so he resigned as president.

You can come and be president.”

Hearing the vice presidents invitation, Wen Yuan hadnt thought of how to respond, when his phone was taken away again.

“I made it very clear last time that Wen Yuan will not join any clubs again.

Please understand.” The mans voice was cold and crisp.

“Why are you making decisions for me” Wen Yuan looked at him angrily.

He was really angry now.

“If it wasnt for that music club, there wouldnt be such a mess.

Its better to leave.”

“Qi Jinran!” Wen Yuan called out his name loudly and angrily for the first time.

“Dont you think youre controlling too much Youre not my dad, why are you controlling me like this! And why are you deleting my text messages You cant do this!”

“Thats a text from Zhou Yunqing, so I cant delete it” Qi Jinran looked at him coldly.

The events of the day were still like a thorn in his heart to him.

 “It has nothing to do with who sent the text messages.

You just cant use my phone and delete text messages casually.

Even if we are partners, you cant do this because its my privacy.”

 Qi Jinran had never seen Wen Yuan so angry.

The boys eyes seemed to be red.

Perhaps, he really was a little too much.

As soon as he encountered Zhou Yunqing, he became jealous and lost his mind.

 “Im going to write a paper.

You go out, dont stay here.” The boy sat down on the chair angrily.

 The man looked at him unwillingly, but seeing Wen Yuans firm attitude, his chest heaved up a few times, and he walked out of the bedroom reluctantly.

 When the man left, Wen Yuan stared at the computer, with his brain an utter mess.

He never imagined that meeting Zhou Yunqing backstage today and being helped by him would cause so much trouble.

He knew earlier that he shouldve resolutely pushed Zhou Yunqing away and not have any contact with him, but Qi Jinran is too jealous.

He never found him to be so jealous before.

 Wen Yuan was angry and annoyed.

Opening the paper up, he forced himself to read, and stopped thinking about what happened during the day.

It was late at night when he finished writing.

By the time he finished the final citations section, the clock on the wall was pointing at eleven oclock.

Halfway through, Xue Rong came in to deliver fruit once, and asked him to rest early.

Seeing stars in his eyes, he decided to fix the imperfections tomorrow, and opened the door.

The light in the adjoining bedroom was still on, and it was obvious that Qi Jinran hadnt slept.

He was still angry with him and didnt really want to sleep next door, but his cup, toothbrush, and his favorite carrot pillow were all in the next bedroom.

He had to get them back first.

Wen Yuan quietly opened the door and looked inside.

Qi Jinran was not in the bedroom, but seemed to be taking a shower in the bathroom.

The faint sound of water came from the other side.

Wen Yuan was relieved, walked into the room quietly, and was about to pick up the pillow on the big bed, when a force suddenly came from behind and pressed him onto the bed.

Before he could react, his body was turned over, and an overwhelming kiss fell.

Closing his eyes, Qi Jinran bit his lip fiercely, rubbing his fingers in his hair and neck so hard that he almost broke his neck.

Hot breath sprayed on his cheeks, and Wen Yuans lips were bitten to the point where his skin broke.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he met the mans dark eyes like the night sky, willed with possessiveness and aggression, like the eyes of a wild wolf in the mountains, spying on its prey, and ready to devour it anytime.

Wen Yuan couldnt breathe because of the kiss.

Stretching out his hand to push his shoulder away, he found that the touch under his finger was like a soldering iron.

Only then did he realize that the man was only wearing a bathrobe, and his moist skin was fiery hot.

Wen Yuan was almost out of breath, his cheeks were flushed, and he kicked him with his legs.

“Jinran, calm down, uh…”

His whole face was sunk in the soft carrot pillow.

A thin layer of sweat was on his back, and the buttons of his shirt had been torn off by Qi Jinran.

He didnt want to do this kind of thing with Qi Jinran mindlessly, and he didnt want to be the object of a man venting his anger.

Qi Jinrans breaths were hot as he bit his lip fiercely, kissing his cheek and neck as hard as a wild beast.

Hearing Wen Yuans unstoppable pleading, his black eyes flashed, and he calmed down after a while.

“Im sorry.” Guilt and remorse appeared in the mans black eyes, and he left Wen Yuan.

He couldnt even explain the impulse just now.

As soon as he came out of the bathroom, he saw the boy holding a carrot pillow beside the bed.

He guessed that Wen Yuan didnt want to sleep with him tonight.

However, he clearly longed for him so much, wanting to hold him in his arms, touch his skin, feel his body temperature.

Why did Wen Yuan want to stay away from him

Intense anger and unwillingness swept over him instantly, causing the subsequent impulsive act.

When he pressed Wen Yuan under him, he felt a long-lost pleasure, the kind of pleasure of being able to control his favorite things and possess everything.

But forgot that Wen Yuan was not a thing, but a living person, and it was impossible for him to control everything unscrupulously.

Wen Yuan looked down at his messy shirt, and the red marks on his neck were especially obvious.

He touched his lips with his fingers and tasted a hint of blood.

“Ill get the medicine box and clean it up for you.” Qi Jinran said guiltily.

Is this guy a dog Biting him so hard.

Wen Yuan sighed in his heart, gritted his teeth, and looked at the man in front of him.

“No need, itll be fine tomorrow anyway.” He straightened his clothes, sat up, picked up his pillow, and went to the bathroom to get his toothbrush and water glass.

Thats how the cold war began.


WY stands up for himself after being dosed in vinegar.

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