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When Wen Yuan finished guitar practice in the rehearsal room, the clock on the wall pointed exactly to 4:10.

Thinking of Qi Jinrans advice, he packed up his things, left the music club, and rode his bicycle to the Science and Technology Hall.

The other three people in the dormitory had already arrived, and when they saw Wen Yuan at the door, they all waved to him.

“Wen Yuan, do you have a seat We have one left here, do you want to sit”

Wen Yuan smiled embarrassedly.

“Jinran reserved a front row seat for me, sorry.”

Ji Hong joked: “People with a husband are really different.

It seems that we dont need to worry about you.”

“Come in, Jinrans speech will start soon.” 

The lecture hall was already full of students, and the front row seats were filled with leaders and well-known alumni.

Wen Yuan greeted several school leaders and sat down in the first row with some embarrassment.

 The dean didnt know him very well, so when he saw him sitting in the middle seat, he couldnt help but say, “This student, are you sitting in the wrong place This seems to be the seat of Qi Jinrans family, right”

The gender of Qi Jinrans other half was not revealed, so the dean didnt even consider Qi Jinrans partner could be of the same sex.

Although the dean didnt know him well, Wen Yuan knew him.

The boy smiled embarrassedly, “Dean, Im actually Qi Jinrans family.” 

The dean looked at him in disbelief.


He looked down, and soon saw the sparkling diamond on Wen Yuans hand, and everything was instantly clear.

“Oh, it turns out that I misunderstood, come, sit down quickly.”

That Jinran, when looking for a wife, even found a student from the school, and was quite in a rush.

However, at least the fertilizer did not flow into the field of outsiders, the dean sighed inwardly.

There was a clamor on stage, Wen Yuan looked up and found that it was a tall and handsome man striding onto the podium.

Qi Jinran stood still behind the podium decorated with flowers, his eyes drooped slightly to sweep the seats in the front row.

After meeting Wen Yuans gaze, his deep black eyes were suddenly dyed with a very shallow smile.

Qi Jinran adjusted the collar of his shirt, rolled up his sleeves slightly, and the silver cufflinks shone in the light, indescribably noble and elegant.

Seeing him appear, the students in the middle and back row cheered excitedly, especially the girls in the back.

Some even raised a banner with his portrait and shouted his name.

The man smiled slightly and signaled the audience to be quiet.

After testing the microphone, he began to speak.

“Fellow students, alumni, and leaders.

Hello everyone, this is the second time I have come to my alma mater.

I still remember the last time I came last year.

Although the school contains very many precious memories for me, I havent come back for seven years.

At that time, the school was still a little strange to me.

But this time my mentality is completely different, because the most important person to me is here.”

He paused slightly and looked down at the stage, towards Wen Yuan.

A girl in the middle couldnt help but shout out Wen Yuans name.

Wen Yuan sat in the chair and felt the eyes of the surrounding school leaders shoot at him.

His cheeks were on fire, and he couldnt help covering half of his face with his hands.

How could he have known that Qi Jinran would express his intentions so clearly in front of so many people

After waiting for the audience to calm down, he cleared his throat and continued, “I believe that every classmate has a similar experience with me.

We like a school, and a city, not just because of the school or city itself, but because of the memories and emotions it carries.

Because we met all kinds of people there, and lived through rich and colorful life experiences, which makes such a place even more precious.

I think the meaning of architecture is also the same.

Architecture provides a space for people to live and communicate, and makes the cold steel and concrete meaningful…

Wen Yuan watched the handsome man on the stage.

The only thought in his mind was that he was like a dazzling, luminous body shining in the spotlight.

Qi Jinrans eloquence is excellent, his logic is clear, and the content of the speech is not dry preaching, but cites various vivid examples, drawing students to listen with relish.

“Dean, have you noticed that Jinrans speech this time is much more interesting than the last time” The vice-dean laughed aside.

“Yeah, when Jinran was asked to speak last time, he was reluctant.

I asked Lao Liu to invite him for a long time before he came over.

This time is different.

As soon as I sent the notice, he took the initiative to ask me if I wanted him to give a speech.

It seems like forming a family, people really are different.”

Although the school leaders didnt mention him at all, Wen Yuan always felt that they were implying something.

When Qi Jinrans speech finished, his face was still hot, and didnt seem to be subsiding anytime soon.

After the alumni speech was over, a school leader came to the stage to speak and wrap the opening ceremony up.

The remaining main event was the celebration party in the evening.

Wen Yuan followed the people out of the Science and Technology Hall, and was about to go backstage to find his man when his arm was suddenly bumped.

His center of gravity was instantly unbalanced, and a pair of arms suddenly supported him before he fell over.

“Are you alright”

Wen Yuan turned his head and found that it was a man wearing sunglasses and a peaked cap.

The inexplicable sense of familiarity made Wen Yuan look down.

Seeing the familiar lower jaw, Yuan immediately recognized that this person was Zhou Yunqing.

As if facing a great enemy, he quickly shook off Zhou Yunqings hand.

“I helped you, so you dont need to be so indifferent to me, right” Zhou Yunqing said with a wry smile.

“What happened to your legs Why are you walking like this”

Zhou Yunqing had been filming on set before, so he didnt know the news of Wen Yuans car accident.

“Its just a small car accident, its nothing.” Wen Yuan didnt want to tell him more, so he quickened his pace and walked towards the backstage.

Zhou Yunqing strode up to catch up, and asked from behind, “How did Qi Jinran take care of you Your legs are already like this.

He didnt let you rest at home, but he even let you come to school”


Zhou, it doesnt seem to be your business, right” Qi Jinran came out at some point and looked at Zhou Yunqing coldly.

Seeing his man appear, Wen Yuan hurriedly walked in front of him.

“Jinran, your speech just now was really wonderful.

I learned a lot after listening to it.” Wen Yuan was full of admiration.

Zhou Yunqing looked at Wen Yuan who completely regarded himself as nothing, and felt a little bitter.

“Its okay, I just talked casually.

Are you hungry Why dont we go to eat first.

You still have to perform at night.” 

The two talked to each other, not paying any attention to Zhou Yunqing.

Chest heaving up and down a few times, Zhou Yunqing wanted to go forward and say a few more words when his phone rang.

“My little ancestor, where have you gone Dont you know that you have dinner with Director Wang and the others later” His managers anxious voice came from the other end.

“Okay, I know.

Im just at my alma mater, cant I have some personal freedom” Zhou Yunqing frowned, very upset.

After hanging up the phone, he suddenly thought of something, Zhou Yunqing smiled and walked to Wen Yuans side.

“Wen Yuan, Ill see you tonight.”

Anyway, he also wanted to perform a show, so he was not afraid of not having a chance to talk to Wen Yuan backstage.

Seeing Zhou Yunqing get into the nanny car, Qi Jinrans expression was very gloomy.

He still made a wrong calculation.

He didnt expect that Zhou Yunqing would also perform at the school celebration party.

“Jinran, what are you thinking Lets go eat.”

Qi Jinran nodded, and followed Wen Yuan into the car.

The school celebration party started at 7:30.

When the sky was a deep blue, the auditorium was already full of alumni and students waiting.

Considering the inconvenience of Wen Yuans legs, the person in charge of the party did not arrange him to be the last finale, but to an earlier position.

While Wen Yuan was tuning his guitar in the backstage lounge, a figure suddenly came over.

“Do you need my help”


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