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The night on the island is gentle and tender.

For Wen Yuan, it was like being in the center of a storm.

His body was constantly bumping and heaving in the storm, and his thoughts gradually became scattered, allowing Qi Jinran to control everything.

There were times when he couldnt help kicking and accidentally touched Qi Jinrans mutilated right leg.

The strange touch was fleeting, and he didnt even have time to think about what it was like before he was caught up in a new round of madness.

By the time everything subsided, it was already midnight.

Wen Yuan fell on the bed, panting slightly.

He felt that Qi Jinrans skills seemed to have improved.

The pain his body was significantly less than last time.

The strong masculine smell in the room lingered, mixing with the incense, making people dizzy.

Putting on the prosthesis, Qi Jinran got out of bed to open a window.

Wen Yuan looked at his silhouette in the dark.

The moonlight poured in, falling on his sculpted face, which was so beautiful that it was not like a mortal.

“Do you want to take a bath” Qi Jinran walked to the bed and turned on the night light.

“Okay, Ill just go by myself.”

Wen Yuan didnt want to trouble Qi Jinran.

Getting out of the quilt, he quickly put on his pajamas and shorts, and went to the bathroom.

In the hazy water vapor, Wen Yuan looked at the hickeys on his body, and couldnt help smiling.

Abstinent flower1QJR pajama2WYs attire plan step 1 – success!

Wen Xiaoyuan, you have to work hard! Dont be cowardly!

In two days, it will be Chinese New Year.

The housekeeper specially arranged the villa with various Chinese-style window grilles and couplets, and hung red lanterns on the porch, filling the villa with a festive atmosphere.

The afternoon before the new year, Wen Yuan and Ye Xia were in the kitchen preparing the fillings for dumplings.

Qi Jinran likes to eat dumplings stuffed with shepherds purse and pork.

Naturally, there is no such thing as shepherds purse on the island.

Wen Yuan specially asked the family to ship fresh shepherds purse by air from the mainland.

Seeing him sweat from busying himself in the kitchen, Ye Xia joked: “Your dad likes to eat corn and pork stuffing, why didnt you make more Why are you focusing on shepherds purse”

With some embarrassment, Wen Yuan replied, “Ah, then I will make corn and pork next.”

“Okay, its not like I dont know your thoughts.”

Pausing in the middle of rolling dumpling skins, Ye Xia leaned over to Wen Yuans side, and said softly, “Its for Jinran, right”

Wen Yuan lowered his eyes and said uncomfortably, “Yeah.”

“Sure enough, after marrying, ones heart has gone to others.

What a poor and pitiful old father and old mother.”

“Mom…” Wen Yuans face was full of helplessness.

“I will make everything you and dad like to eat in the evening, okay”

“Haha, Im joking.”

Ye Xia put down her rolling pin and gently poked Wen Yuans face.

“As long as you and Jinran are happy, mom is happier than anyone else.”


When the fillings and dumpling skins were ready, Ye Xia brought everything to the table outside and called the whole family to make dumplings together.

“Yuanyuan, dont blindly work, come and teach Jinran how to wrap!” Ye Xia said to Wen Yuan in the kitchen.

Qi Jinran has lived a pampered life since he was a child.

It isnt exaggerated to say his fingers have never touched spring water.

After living for nearly 30 years, this is his first time making dumplings.

His fingers can outline various complex architectural models, but he lacks a bit of skill when it comes to making dumplings.

“Is this okay” Qi Jinran showed Wen Yuan what he was wrapping up.

Seeing the wrinkled shapeless dumplings, Wen Yuan smiled wryly.

“Uh…a bit ugly.”

Qi Jinrans face changed, and he threw the dumpling into the trash can and picked up a new dumpling skin.

“Look, you cant put too little or too much filling.” Wen Yuan dipped water around the skin as he demonstrated.

His hands are extraordinarily skillful, and with a pinch of his fingers, a bulging ingot-shaped dumpling quickly took shape.

“Do you understand”

Qi Jinran nodded.

Half a minute later, he made a huge dumpling with filling almost bursting through the seams.

In Wen Yuans shocked eyes, his pale face flushed.

He was about to throw the failed dumpling into the trash, but was stopped by Wen Yuan.

“Dont throw it away, just press it down and turn it into a shepherds purse pancake.”

Qi Jinran: …

What kind of dumplings is this, he should just wrap a shepherds purse pancake instead.

“Dont be discouraged.

You havent cooked before, and cant master how much stuffing to put in or  how to pinch the folds.

Just try a few more times.”

Wen Yuan was very patient and taught him step by step.

One of them taught attentively and the other studied seriously, almost forgetting that there were Wen Chengmin, Ye Xia, and Qi Donghui in the living room.

Qi Donghui glanced at Wen Chengmin with a smile.

“Chengmin, I was right from the beginning.

Arent these two children a good fit”

Wen Chengmin nodded in agreement, and said with emotion, “I never thought there would be such a day.”

Ye Xia also smiled, her eyes revealing anticipation and joy.

“It seems that we can prepare for the wedding in March, At that time, well make it livelier.”

One the other side, under Wen Yuans tireless teaching, Qi Jinran finally made a decent dumpling.

“Wow, yours look better than mine!” Wen Yuans expression was exaggerated, and the corners of his brows and eyes were full of smiles.

Qi Jinran put the ingot-shaped dumplings down.

Seeing the smile on Wen Yuans face, the tip of his heart was as sweet as honey, and the corners of his mouth curled unconsciously.

“You teach well.”

“You are gifted.”

The two began to exchange compliments.

After all the dumplings were wrapped, Wen Yuan started to help Ye Xia prepare the New Years Eve dinner.

Qi Jinran couldnt help much.

He could only read on the porch and occasionally handle official business, which disgusted Qi Donghui.

“On the day before the new year, what work do you still have to do! Turn off the computer for me!”

Qi Jinran rarely confronted him, so he could only obediently close the computer.

“Go to the kitchen to see if Xiao Yuan and the others need help.”

“Ive been there, they said no.”

Qi Donghui tskd.

“Then go and cut some fruit for Xiao Yuan, or squeeze his shoulders.

Dont let him get tired.”

Qi Jinran looked hesitant.

“What, you still need someone else to teach you how to spoile your wife Back when I was chasing your grandma, I tried every possible way…”

Qi Jinran: …

He could only silently go to the kitchen.

He didnt cut any fruit, but Ye Xia fed him several chopsticks of braised pork and steamed fish.

“Jinran, how about trying my craft”

“En, its delicious.”

The braised pork is fat but not greasy, and melts in the mouth.

The steamed fish is tender and soft, leaving a lingering fragrance.

It seems like Wen Yuans craftsmanship is inherited from Ye Xia.

“As long as its delicious.

You can sit outside and wait.

Itll be dinnertime soon.” Ye Xia smiled.

Wen Yuan buried his head in cutting vegetables and didnt pay attention to him at all.

Qi Jinran didnt want to disturb him either, and returned to the living room in frustration.

The New Years Eve dinner is very rich, with eight dishes and one soup.

The two families sat together and ate the food happily with smiles on their faces.

During the banquet, Qi Donghui gave Wen Yuan a thick red envelope.

Wen Chengmin also stuffed Qi Jinran with a big red envelope.

“Although you are all grown ups, in our eyes, you are still the same as children.

So I will keep giving the red envelopes.” Wen Chengmin smiled.

“I hope that in the new year, our small family will be able to get better and better!”

“Thank you, dad.” Qi Jinran looked a little moved.

After dinner, it was time to watch the Spring Festival Gala, a program reserved for New Years Eve.

Wen Chengmin was the most restless.

After watching two shows, he organized a poker game and asked Wen Yuan and Ye Xia to accompany him to dou dizhu.

Wen Yuan wasnt very good, and could only drag Ye Xia down.

Qi Donghui couldnt look away from the gala, so he poked Qi Jinrans arm.

“Go teach Xiao Yuan.”

Wen Yuan looked a little embarrassed when Qi Jinran looked at his cards.

“I can play.

After all, were all family, and its fine if I lose.”

“If your cards are not good, dont be in a hurry to get ahead.

First, stay steady and observe the cards on the table.” Qi Jinran said in a low voice.


“Be steady, and dont rush.

Guess the cards in your opponents hand, to prevent being tricked.”

With Qi Jinrans guidance, Wen Yuan gradually improved and became a landlord several times.

Qi Donghui was old and couldnt stay up late, so he went back to his room to sleep after eleven oclock.

Wen Chengmin and his wife were dizzy from playing cards and went for a walk on the beach, leaving Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran in the living room.

The host of the Spring Festival Gala on TV was counting down excitedly.

Wen Yuan was chewing orange candies in his mouth as he stared at the screen without blinking.

When the countdown finished, he suddenly heard boom and countless voices outside as golden fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

“Jinran, look, they set off fireworks!” Wen Yuan was extremely excited.

Qi Jinran was dragged to the porch by him, to watch the blossoming fireworks.

Wen Yuan looked up at the night sky, suddenly closed his eyes and put his hands together.

Qi Jinran quietly looked at his profile.

After making New Years wishes, Wen Yuan opened his eyes with a big smile on his face, looking at Qi Jinran.

“Happy New Year!”

Qi Jinran smiled.

“Happy New Year.”

Wen Yuans heart softened seeing the rare smile on Qi Jinrans face.

He couldnt help opening his arms and hugged him quickly.

“Hope every day is happy.”


After watching the fireworks, it was past one oclock in the morning when they returned to the bedroom.

Wen Yuan was so sleepy that he fell asleep when he reached the bed.

Leaning against the edge of the bed and looking at his sleeping face, Qi Jinran suddenly leaned over and kissed his face.

“You have to be happy every day too.”


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