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[‘The World-building God’ is moved to tears.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ wishes you good luck.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ declares that they will continue to watch you.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ will watch together.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ looks forward to the destruction of the original.]

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ asks for a lot of billing in the future.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is urging you to meet the most handsome man in the world.]

The encouragement from the gods was also warm.

“Then I will go.”

I took the stone out of my pocket and crushed it.

A specially made transfer stone with coordinates designated to move to a specific place.

It transcends space and transports my body.


I slowly opened my eyes as I felt the wind engulf my body.

Finally, I came out into the world where the original began.

Chapter 17.

The beginning of the original

The sky was clear above meandering mountain ranges that boasted dark green ridges.

The greenery, which continued down to the foot of the mountain, looked like a velvet carpet that had been spread on the floor.

Greenwall was a small town surrounded by mountains like a folding screen.

Due to the geographical enclosure, there were hardly any visitors from outsiders except for the peddlers who came once a week.

But recently, there has been an unexpected change here.

The women who were doing the laundry by the well chattered.

“A lot of priests and knights came this morning, right I heard there was a very handsome young man among them, is that true”

“I saw it.

Are you talking about the silver-haired young man It’s the first time in all my life that I’ve seen such shiny silver hair.

What about his face…Ugh, I can’t put into words how holy it was.”

“But why did they come The denomination doesn’t care about our village.”

“I know, right They haven’t even sent a new priest in 10 years.

I wonder if the priest who ran away at night, because he didn’t like the smell of pig dung, is doing well.”

The sound of the clothespin resounded a little louder.

“Uncle Paul said that there was a dungeon in the middle of the mountain Could it be because of that”

“Oh my, a dungeon Really”

“Then the adventurers will come to dig up resources now The village will develop!”

It was time for the happiness circuit to run wild, with no doubt that peace would continue as always.

“Hmph! What happens if we develop The church would extort us in the name of donations.

After all, they are a denomination that is only after money!”

An old man barged into the talk.

He had a great sense of disparity mixed among the women, but his arms movements using the bat were skillful.

“The chief is too much.

The church was always like that, right Don’t get angry.”

“That’s right.”

“By the way, why did you come out to do laundry today”

“My wife strained her back while plowing the field yesterday, besides, I do laundry better than my wife anyway”

I think that was enough appreciation of a peaceful rural laundry scenery.

At this point, I stopped looking at the system map and approached them.


Can I ask you a question”

“Oh my, what a surprise! An outsider”

“It seems that adventurers are coming because rumors of a dungeon have spread!”

“Welcome to Greenwall!”

Seeing the kindness of the people, I thought it would be easy to ask questions.

“Where is the church in town”

“Church Go straight down the right road and you’ll find it.”

“It’s a brick building, so it’s easy to see.”

“But the priest also ran away and there’s no one there, it was not maintained at all, so it’s more like an abandoned house.”

Three women amicably shared their answers.

The Village Chief Grandpa also helped with a word.

“Now it’s being used as a storage for junk.”

That’s why it didn’t show up on the map.

It’s possible to understand the piety of this village in one second seeing that the church was not functioning at all.

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ says it’s a niche market.]

[‘The World-building God’ eyes shine with anticipation.]

“Thank you for letting me know.

It’s not a big deal, but I’ll give this to you.”

I took out a small potion bottle from the satchel bag and gave it to the women.

“What is this”

“It is a moisturizing potion that keeps the hands of the sisters beautiful and plump.

Be sure to apply it after washing dishes and doing laundry.”

“Oh my, is this the beauty potion we’ve only heard of”

“Oh my God, this is really good!”

As the older sisters admired the potion, the Village Chief burst into a rage.

“Why don’t you give me one! Please give me one too! I’ll bring it to my wife!”

I guess he’s a loyal husband

“Yes, yes.

Here it is.

Please use it well and look for additional purchases at the ‘Rodel’ Potion Shop.

Then I will go my way.”

“Wait a minute lass!”

Chief Grandpa caught me in a hurry.

I wondered if he was going to ask for more samples, but he wasn’t.

The village chief rummaged through his arms and held something warm in my hand.

“You don’t have this in your house, do you” 


“Well, it’s been a long time since an outsider has come.

I have nothing to give you but eat this.

My wife cooked it for me.”

The softly ripe potatoes had a fragrant smell.

“Thank you.”


It’s nothing, Lass.” 

The favor must be repaid.

“Sisters, Grandpa, it would be better to finish the laundry quickly today.

It will be dangerous for a while.”

“What Lass, what does that mean…”

I smiled and turned back.

Walking along the road taught by the villagers, I ate potatoes little by little.

By the time the potatoes had all disappeared into my stomach, I arrived at a building believed to be the church.

The wall was torn down and the ceiling collapsed to the extent that the wooden beams could be seen bare.

There was not even a cross, the symbol of the church.

“At least the bell looks fine.”


Beware of the noise, Agnes.”

I immediately climbed the three-story tower and frantically rang the giant bell.

Deng! Deeng! Deden!

A bright and loud sound reverberates through the air and when the noise pollution continued like that for several minutes.

“What the, the bell was supposed to be broken! Why does it keep ringing so loudly!”

“Oh my, my back hurts to death, but I can’t lie down because it’s so noisy!”

“Who the hell is doing this!”

Villagers flocked to the front of the church.

“Hold on, Lass! What are you doing there!”

“Stop making noise and come down!”

“It’s dangerous! It’s going to collapse!” 

Chief Grandpa, who gave me potatoes, also came running with a laundry basket on his head.

“Dear god, Outsider Lass! You ate the potatoes well, why are you doing something like that! Come down now!”

“It’s no use, Chief.

She looks like a crazy woman.”

They whispered, but I heard everything.

I almost felt a little ashamed, but Agnes comforted me.


I decided that I should start soon because I didn’t have time.

I stopped ringing the bell and shouted. 

“Everyone, are you all here It will be dangerous from now on, so come into the church!”


“What are you talking about”

Everyone was dumbfounded as I was already defined as a crazy lass from the outside. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, the time for my sweet potatoes was not long.

[‘The World-building God’ gets nervous.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ is focused.]



Woo woo woo!

A drumming sound that strikes the heartbeats was similar to giant steps.

A blunt, gigantic reverberation caused a series of ripples in the air.

‘It’s coming.’

The first incident of Episode 17 in the original.


“W-what’s going on, is this”

Around the moment panic spread.


An explosion occurred in the middle of the mountain with a roar that seemed to tear the eardrums.

From the location of the sound, black things spurted like crazy and poured down the hillside.

It looked like a black avalanche.

But unlike natural disasters, this one roared.



Thanks to that, it was clear what was happening now.

“Hi-Hiik! Be-beasts!!”

“Maybe, don’t tell me……!”

“Du-dungeon! The dungeon has exploded!”

Dungeon Burst.

The faces of those that encountered calamity turned beyond pale.

‘The final scene of the Last Boss in this timeline was flashy from the start.’

Before long, the monster avalanche came down to the village entrance.

Swallowing the village like crushing clay, it approached the church by the minute.

In a place that was directly hit by a dungeon burst, even an awakened person would scream, and even more so for ordinary people, as their chances of survival were slim.

As a matter of fact, in the original, Greenwall disappeared from the map.

“Hic, n-n-n-no… … .”

In a short period of time, fear and despair occupied the whole area like a plague. 

Now was the time to destroy the original.

“Mercury’s Barrier.”

The ultimate barrier transformed into a silver fortress and wrapped around the surroundings.

“Huk! W-What is this”


“Divine power! It’s divine power!”


Because of the energy overflowing with holiness, the normal people also seemed to feel divine power.

They looked at me on the roof of the church with doubt in their eyes.

While in the spotlight, I said. 

“Come into the church.

It is safe here.”

The first person to come to his senses was the Village Head Grandpa.

“Are you going to eat a fly with those open mouths! Can’t you hear the Young Priest! Hurry in!”

“Y-yes! Chief!”

Less than a hundred villagers quickly entered the church.

I watched it all through the broken roof and then reduced the size of the barrier to fit the building.



All of a sudden, an army of demonic monsters surrounded the church.

Due to the ultimate barrier, the building became an impregnable fortress, but the broken walls and windows revealed the situation outside, stimulating people’s fear.

Kyhee! Kikiheye!

The beast-type ones greedily opened their mouths and fluttered their forearm-sized tongues.




“Everyone calm down!”

I looked ahead, believing that the village chief would take care of things inside.

Under the blue sky, the earth was polluted with black.

Because of the very clear weather, it felt like the disaster on the ground was highlighted.

I pulled lighting out from this deceptive dry sky.

“Divine Punishment.”

Skills were cast in succession to clean up the surroundings.

There was no fear of missing or need to aim, because everywhere in sight was black thanks to the avalanche of monsters.

Kuarreung! Kuarreung!

Kyeeeeeekk! Kuaaaaaaag!

Hundreds of meters in radius turned into a thunderstorm, frying and burning an army of monsters.


However, a Dungeon Burst’s offensive in volume was more than imaginable.

Still, the enemy showed no sign of diminishing due to the endless flow of magical beasts.

Was I too greedy for a clean-up

‘I can’t drag this on.’

In frustration, I looked in turns at the likely location of the dungeon and the people in the church.

On one side, there will be Thesilid approaching death by the minute, and on the other side, there are people I saved.

The latter was also in my immediate sight.

When I enter the dungeon, the barrier is no longer maintained.

However, it’s not possible to stay here forever because there is no time.

Should I make a choice

I clenched my fist.

That was then.

[‘The World-building God’ stops breathing.]

World God

Agnes also called me with a trembling voice.


I raised my head following the words that seemed to have been barely spat out and found something in the blue sky.

There was a being with long black hair fluttering in the distant sky and looking down at this side.


A handsome man who looks down on the world with an arrogant face.

I knew who it was.


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