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Thesilid received all of the host’s attacks without being pushed back an inch.

He had my cover, but he was doing better than I expected.

Even though he was deliberately injured when he was not able to fend off the attacks, he kept the defensive line he demarked.

Of course, thanks to the great healer standing behind him, he was able to roll his body freely.

Yeah, he deserves to be angry.

The five aura blades were blocked while being intercepted by my lightning bolt, he can’t even get close to me because of Thesilid and even if Terry gets hurt, he will be back to shape with the fraudulent heal.

I didn’t forget to steadily attack while covering and healing Terry.

All of a sudden, the host’s body was cracked like pottery that was about to break.

There were a lot of gaps.

Now all that had to be done was shove a valid blow in between.

“Let’s clean up.”

My fingertips ordered the cleaning of the filth and dirt.

[System> The ultimate skill ‘Pure Light Lv.16 ( 10)’ is activated.


As if the sun had risen, the night that Carpeus had created was dispelled.


A brilliant white light poured down like a waterfall on the host’s body that was kneeling down. 

Born to purify the darkness, the white light penetrated into the evil soul and accelerated the cracks.

The light started to corrode from the worst part.



The left arm of the host, where the demon sword had taken root, was shattered into powder.

Having lost his arms, he lost his qualifications as the host.

Instead of returning to Eleon, the demon sword flew away and landed on the ground.

Demonic energy was quickly removed from Eleon’s body, which was separated from the demon sword.

His blonde hair and blue eyes came back to normal.

“My holy sword……!”

Although he had regained his human form, Eleon was still in the process of having his body broken apart.

Even in that state, he tried his best to approach the demon sword with kneeling steps.

Of course, I couldn’t allow it.


I blocked his path with the whip sword and slowly approached him.

“Be quiet.”


Eleon’s face was filled with horror when he saw me. 

But when he found Thesilid next to me, he cried out in spite.

As if he was the most miserable person in the world.

“Wicked things! You’re trying to take the holy sword from me! Do you think the Holy Sword would approve of this green-eyed brat I am the owner of the holy sword! No matter how jealous and bitter you are…!”

Those were words without any remorse trapped in his own world.

Thesilid’s eyes grew cold.

“Is that the end of your will”

“A will…”

At that moment.


Thesilid’s sword drew a neat diagonal line.



I blinked.

This is because Eleon’s head was rolling around at our feet.

A friendly system helped me understand the situation.

[ Congratulations! The owner of the dungeon, 559th rank in the demon world, defeated the ‘Host of the demon sword who became a living sacrifice of the Demon King’]

The message attributable to the dungeon did not appear to me.

That means.

[‘The World-building God’ asks in confusion if the last hit was just stolen under your nose.]

That seems like it

I turned to Thesilid.

He lowered his sword with sunken eyes.

“Well, Terry”

I decided to give the stealer of the last blow a chance to make excuses.

“I had to kill his breath in a hurry to prevent the expansion of the Demon King.”



“But you’ve never done anything like this before.”


Apparently, it was quite easy to tell whether someone had killed another or not, just by looking at the eyes.

In a harsh world, this is also a consideration.

After a moment of silence, Thesilid did his job.

He picked up Eleon’s head, laid it straight on his neck, and closed his eyes.

Even that was not enough, he knelt down on one knee and had a moment of silence for a while.

Around the time when Agnes was dumbfounded by Thesilid’s behavior once again.


Suddenly a tornado of sand swirled and swallowed Eleon. 


I hurriedly pulled Thesilid away from the tornado and right the next second.


A foreign voice was heard in the whirlwind.

I and Thesilid were startled at the same time.

The sand was torn apart, creating the shape of smiling eyes and mouths.

“……Shut up.”

There is only one thing in this world that makes the protagonist curse.

The master of Sanarak, Carpeus.

I grabbed Thesilid’s shaking arm.

And took one step forward.

“Demon Lord Carpeus.”

He was the Demon King who gave me a title I did not know of.

But now I was curious about something else.

“What made you intervene with this”



The counter-question was from Thesilid, not mine.


While I was quiet in heavy silence, Carpeus’s voice echoed through the air again.

What he told us was a revelation of a curse.

“What do you mean……”


In the place where the sand tornado disappeared, Eleon, who had turned into a mummy, remained.

As if to signal that Carpeus had completely retreated, his symbol, the bleeding moon, disappeared.

The sky, which had been transformed in a surrealist oil painting, was back into a cold blue sky.


Due to the shock of facing Carpeus, Thesilid was frozen still.

Then he let out a small mumble.

“New Moon……Chaos and Evil….”

Agnes said to me.

As expected of a devout believer. 

Instead of answering, I put my hand on Thesilid’s shoulder, called his attention, and said.

“Let’s start with the sword of the Celestial Demon first.”


Thesilid approached the sword stuck on the floor.

The sword of the Celestial Demon was still in the form of a demon sword.

The black blade seemed to have been smelt while pulling out the snake’s long poisonous teeth, and the red beads embedded in the hill glistened as they stared at the Thesilid like a moving eyeball. 

Thesilid, standing in front of the sword, looked back at me and smiled softly.

“If I become like Sir Eleon, please take care of me.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen.”

“Do you trust me”


“I must repay your trust.”

After a deep breath that seemed to fill his rib cage, he grabbed the handle of the sword with a severe face and pulled it off the floor.


Thesilid’s holy aura wrapped around the sword.

The black blade was heated to white.

The red marbles swayed wildly.

It looked like the pupils of an eyeball that trembled in panic.


The sword of the Celestial Demon was reborn in the light.

A fine sword with an impressive white and smooth blade, gold hilt, and blue square jewels. 

After completing his mission, Thesilid exhaled a long breath and said:

“The name of the holy sword…is Libra.”

It was meant to be a balance between good and evil and like my swords, it was named after a constellation. 

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ commends this title worthy of the world’s strongest sword.]

The god of the same name boasted aloud.

(Note: Libra is also a scale.)

“Congratulations, Terry.

Let’s drink a potion to celebrate.”

“It’s all thanks to you.

Thank you very much, Ellet.”

“It was nothing.”

We lightly bumped the potion bottles, gave a toast, and drank it all at once.

This gave me the feeling that everything was over.


I emptied the potion, waited for the Thesilid to empty his, and said.

“Can you open the closing gate”


Now is the time to say goodbye.

Thesilid, who paused for a moment, opened his mouth.



“When can I see you again”

By the end of the next season, the tutorial will be over.

However, the word ‘soon’ was caught in my throat and did not come out.

It will be only been a few months for me.

However, it was different for Thesilid.

As soon as the tutorial ends and the original begins, Thesilid begins to regress and out of the 100 timelines that he will experience, there is only one that connects with mine, only episode 17.

Having gone through 16 regressions, Thesilid will accumulate a very long time and….

He will change.

Perhaps he will become a very different person than he is now.

The repeated loss and betrayal of those around him, the result of every choice he thought was the best becoming the worst, and the beliefs that will be harshly challenged every time, will wear out his mind. 

“It’s going to take…… a very long time, maybe”

He had a look of embarrassment and regret on his face.

“Well, I’ll go see you around the time you forget about me.” 

“I won’t forget.” 

“You can forget me because I’ll definitely find you.” 


Thesilid seemed to be dubious of my words, but he didn’t ask.


The space vibrated and the gate opened.

“Bye, bye, Terry.” 

“Be careful, Ellet.” 

After saying our final goodbyes, I stepped out into the waving air.

A sense of floating wrapped around my body, and the white light erased everything from my view.

Before long, a new landscape filled with texture and color came over my blank field of view.

A message popped up.

[ Congratulations! Defeated the ‘Random S-Class Boss’, the 300th floor boss of the Tower of Trials.]

[ Congratulations! You have conquered all the levels of the Towers of Trials.]


It was time to press the chest that was rumbling with emotion.

[‘The World-building God’ waved the ‘★ (Congratulations) Graduating from the Tower of Trials (Congratulations)★’ sign.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ claps.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ is dissatisfied with the fact that the content was consumed too quickly.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ has lost his words in front of your determination to see the end of the tower.]

While receiving a bunch of congratulatory messages, something suddenly came to mind.

“But what about the reward”

I conquered a tower with a whopping 300 floors.

At this point, I think a fantastic wonderful and great reward should be given, right


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