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[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ explains that it’s a 300-year-old building, so taking into account the technology at the time, it was enough to name it a tower.]

‘I see.

If you think in terms of civil engineering, it’s understandable.’

[‘The Troubled Skyscraper Architect’ says that added to the value of a historic building, it’s located in the yolk of the richest land, in terms of cash it would be similar to the cost of changing the genre.]

Perhaps because he was in the construction industry, he seemed to be interested in real estate. 

“Let’s hold Dad’s hand so we don’t get lost.

Eli, hand.”

“Hand here!”

“Does Frintz want to walk hand in hand, too”

“I’m fine.”

I was proud of Frintz, who said that he was a little tall for that.

It was worthwhile to make the medicine.

There were many waterways in Peronsa. 

Around the time we were waiting for the double-decker cruise ship to pass through to cross the bridge, a group of men in luxurious green robes stood beside us for the same purpose.

‘An alchemist belonging to the Golden Ivory Tower.’

I instinctively raised my head and looked at Dad.

He adjusted the hood and covered his intellectually handsome face.

They were talking with each other.

“I heard that Professor Hickim got a lot of research funding this month”

“What Half of the research money coming into the ivory tower will always be Professor Hickim’s.” 

“The performance is a bit sluggish these days, but he is the authority in the field of regenerating potions.”

“The next owner of the tower will definitely be Professor Hikim Sarmatan.”

I felt my Dad’s hand shaking and gradually getting wet.

Thanks to that, something I’ve been wondering about for a long time has been solved.

‘Hikim Sarmatan.’

The name of the parasite master who attached himself to my father and sucked up the research results was clear.

[‘The World-building God’ says he is the same person who ended up ruining the ivory tower due to corruption and embezzlement in the middle of the original work.]

While learning alchemy from my father, I had mastered all the recipes he studied.

Among them, there was also a regeneration potion.

It seems that the guy named Hikim, has been announcing Dad’s achievements as if they were his own, even after Dad was expelled.

It was a very lucky villain, who was able to get many research funds by stealing other people’s results while only playing and eating.

I clenched my fists and vowed.

‘Dad’s enemy, one day I must have your head cut off.’

[‘The World-building God’ is deeply impressed by your filial piety.]

The cruise ship passed and the pier that opened upwards returned to its original position.

After the alchemists moved away, Dad regained his composure and smiled weakly.

“Eli, Frintz, are you hungry Shall we eat first”


We answered with more vigor on purpose.

Following Dad’s guidance, the tour of the capital of the Principality began.

After eating pancakes and bacon at a famous brunch restaurant, I looked around the artisan workshop street and the art street to buy souvenirs.

“Ah, Eli! Fr-Frintz! Doesn’t your leg hurt Gasp, gasp….”

The physical strength of the two children who purchased the Aura package is that of an overpowering kid.

I and Frintz were somewhat disappointed, but we decided to take a break because we wanted Dad to catch up.

Dad wiggled his legs as if he was about to collapse, but he went into the shop at the far corner of the cafe street.

It was a dessert cafe with a pretty and cute girly vibe, decorated with dried flowers.

The reason for choosing this destination was soon revealed.

Dad took a sip of the tea he ordered and started the tale.

“This was one of the places I went on a date with Mom.”

I and Frintz listened intently dipping the fondant chocolate into the bowl and eating it.

“It was a famous dating spot, but it took a lot of courage to come here only with the weekly wage I got from the ivory tower.

But it must have been a place lacking for Mom.

She asked me what the hell is this kind of dessert, and told me to eat it all….”

She’s so mean.

He even went on a date by squeezing all his fortune dry out of thin air, but blatantly ignoring people’s sincerity is too much!

At the moment when affection for my mother was about to plummet. 

“She fed it directly to me.”


“One bite after another.”


 “Then, by the time I finished eating, she suddenly wanted to taste it…Hmmm! I will continue when Eli and Frintz turn fifteen.”


This genre was edited for 15 rating.

“Mom said she didn’t like the food outside, and when we went out on a date, she always ate as little as a bird.

Then when we got home, she would complain that she was starving to death.”

Was she the type who could only eat home-cooked meals

“One day, she said she was so hungry that she caught a wild turkey at night and made me roast it whole.

And then gave me all the leg parts to eat because we had a lot.….”

What Did you give up the legs Did mom really love dad!

“……She said that she suddenly changed her mind, so she took it and ate it all by herself.

She didn’t even give me a bite.”



I knew it.

It can’t be true.

The moment I felt a little relieved.

“I found out later that that was when she was pregnant with Frintz, right That’s how Dad and Mom became a family!”


In front of his daughter, who was unable to adapt to the fast progress, the father was happy with a shy face.

So, this is how it feels to hear the stories of men and women living together before marriage.

‘What were you doing instead of studying!’

As a daughter, I had mixed feelings and had a shot of cold black tea, but unlike me, Frintz seemed to be impressed with the story.

He exclaimed with the chocolate smudged on his lips.

“I want to go back to the house where our family used to live!”

“Yes, we’ve seen enough of the capital, so let’s go now.”

We decided to rent a business carriage to move around.

“Could you please take us here”

I entrusted the directions to a self-proclaimed native and boarded the carriage.

The carriage exited the capital gate and wandered over the hillside.

While traveling for a long time, the life of a young student who would have ridden a horse-drawn carriage that was more like a wagon early in the morning to go to work in the Golden Ivory Tower was pictured in my mind.

The place we arrived at was a small, shabby village along the mountain.

In fact, there was a sense that it was not enough to even call it a village.

There were only a few houses, and at least there seemed to be few people living in those.

“Frintz! Eli! We’re here!”

Dad pointed to the house in the deepest part of the village, which is located almost in contact with the mountain.

It was a cute little two-story hut with a triangular roof.

Unfortunately, reality has not been preserved in a beautiful form as much as memories.

The hut was like a haunted house because it had been neglected for six years.

All furnishings were robbed, and the footprints of mountain beast were stamped on the floor.


Dad stood still for a moment.

I was worried that my father would be hurt by the reality of the worn-out and ruined memories.

I and Frintz took a look and started clearing the house, no matter who came first.

“It’s small, so we’ll clean it up soon! I’ll start with ventilation!”

“I found a towel.

I’ll mop the floor with this!”

“Huh Oh, yeah, Dad will clean up the weeds in the flower bed!”

Dad joined without knowing it.

Somehow, we ended up cleaning up the abandoned house in earnest, but after doing it, it became so clean that we decided to stay for a day.

I have brought a sleeping bag, too.

I was a little excited, thinking it was a camping site with a roof.

“Dad, look at this! I found a treasure in the attic!”

“Oh My God.

That’s the ball you used to play with, Frintz.

Did it remain”

“There are a lot of these things here.

Come up quickly!”

“I’ll go!”

It seems that items that had not been stolen were left in the attic.

I shouted to the attic.

“Dad, brother! I’ll take a look outside.”

“You mustn’t go too far, Eli!”


I looked around the hut.

And let out a groan of agony.


Now I am facing a serious problem.

Obviously, while cleaning, I looked around every corner of the house.

[ Hometown Tour (Difficulty: D)

Let’s take a look around the hometown where the whole family lived together.

Success Reward: 30 Packs of Ginseng Extract

Failure Penalty: None]

The quest was still incomplete.

I put in an inquiry right away.

‘World God, are you there Why can’t I complete the quest’

[‘The World-building God’ asks you to play the yes or no game.]


‘If it is because of the inspector, please shake the carrot.’

[‘The World-building God’ shakes the carrot wildly.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ gets angry.]

It means that World God has a purpose for me.

I turned on the system map to explore a larger area.

What am I going to do in this place

There was a mysterious empty space in the forest leading to the mountain behind.

Forming a perfect circle felt more like a crater than an empty space.

As I gazed intently at the entrance to the forest, the necklace rang.


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