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The skeleton was very fond of Bianca’s favorable reviews and bowed politely.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but this pretty skull guy had a subtly elegant in his behavior.

Perhaps he had a precious status in his lifetime.

When I told them to go to work, the skeletons went back to their respective jobs.

Water the fields, dry herbs, build fences, decorate graves…

It was a quiet landscape of a peaceful skull village.

“At first, I was a little worried if Eli’s plan would go well, but it turned out to be such a wonderful farm.”

“Thanks to the skeletons for their hard work.

I have already harvested two kinds of herbs.”

In the shade of the pergola were baskets of harvested medicinal herbs.

Namibi and Little Gem, whose leaves were plump like fruits, are the main ingredients for healing potions.

“I’ll have to take it to my Dad and ask him to check the quality.”

I put a basket of herbs in the satchel I was carrying.

Bianca was surprised to see the basket, much larger than the bag, disappearing as if sucked in.

“How did you do it”

“Ah, this.

It’s an item called a Tomb Raider’s treasure bag that I got after defeating Ardiman the other day.”

[ Tomb Raider’s treasure bag 


A subspace of about 50m³ that can be used as a warehouse.

Note: Live people and animals cannot be included.]

When I explained it as it is, Bianca immediately used the power of application in her head and suggested it.

“If you put things in the subspace, you won’t feel the weight, will you”



With that, we can move the tombstones of the skeletons.”

The skulls raised their heads at the word tombstone.

It was probably not only in my head that makes their empty eyeholes feel somewhat sparkling.

I made an announcement while everyone was paying attention. 

“Okay, guys.

I’m going to place an order for the tombstone, so let me know what shape you want, name, date of birth, date of death, epitaph… Why are you getting so solemn all of a sudden” 

I stopped talking because it was suspicious that I couldn’t hear the usual silly rattle.

Bianca, who had excellent communication skills, explained.

“Maybe they don’t remember.”

“Ah, I see.”

Their brain must have been rotten for a long time….

Well, sounds like a bad insult.

The skeletons nodded their heads violently.

“All right, you have been waiting long enough.

Then, just pick an epitaph.

I’ll give you a name.

Are you fine with this”

It seemed to be a positive reaction, seeing that they were dancing with a shovel.

After the headstone problem was settled, Bianca brought up another topic.

“Looking at the speed at which things are progressing, I will have to set up a commercial guild to distribute potions soon.

Leave it to me.”

“What You are going to make it yourself without bidding from an existing guild”

“Seeing the merchants that do business with the Count, I think it would be better for me to do it.”

Indeed, even Dad had many problems with the herbal medicine store, so he was often called out.

This is a convincing point.

“And I think it would be good to build a network to get information at this point.”

She’s such a capable Young Lady, I’m so touched.

“I’m glad Bia is helping me.

Thank you so much.”


Bianca first told me of her plans to find stores in the Gillette estate and deliver to them on a trial basis.

From what I heard, it seemed like all I had to do was make potions.

While discussing the issue of material supply and demand, the story shifted towards the merits of the dungeon farm.

Bianca said with a renewed admiration.

“I think it’s amazing that time passes quickly by making a farm in a dungeon, so you can harvest quickly.

The soil is fertile, and herbs seem to grow well.”

“I know.

I really like the soil.

How is it that the whole land is so shiny”

“Well, it used to be a cemetery, right” 

“Huh Ah, the corpses turned into manure and became fertile.”



At the same time, we were drinking tea brewed with medicinal herbs grown here and it felt a little awkward.

“Well, what about it There are always going to be a few dead things on farms, right Eli.”

“Yes, Bia.

Besides, I think the last corpse was buried in this dungeon over a hundred years ago, now it’s already like complete soil.”

We decided to change the subject after we had rationalized our feelings.

“The time in the dungeon goes by quickly, so there are downsides too.

I have to look around often.”

Skeletons do the hard work, but I had to get my hands on the technical part.

Even if we visit once a day, it was a little cumbersome as you would only visit once every three days in dungeon time.

Although the skeletons were learning hard, they were still immature, so to leave all farm work to them was not very reliable.

‘It would have been better if I had a skeleton who was a farmer before he died.’

It was time to sigh in regret.

The first system message appeared after a while.

[ From now on, maintenance for the update of the ‘Transmigrator Support System’ is in progress.]

Oh, it’s today.

As soon as the countdown ended, the update started immediately and was over in less than 5 minutes.

“Bia, wait a minute.”

I pretended to write something in my notebook and checked the update history.

[ ‘Integrated Library Update’

The integrated library has been upgraded, and from now on, it is possible to store books read or purchased after transmigrating.]

‘God is the best!’

My previous suggestions were immediately reflected and my desire to read the rest of the notice flared up.

Other than that, it was all new product updates, and the product in the first line caught my eye.

[ ‘Genre Change Ticket’]

‘Hold on, is this!!’

Is it time to realize my dream of child-rearing ropan

However, that dream was immediately thwarted in the product description that followed.

[ ‘Genre Change Ticket’

The ultimate product that can change the genre of the Transmigrated work.

Note: However, the changed genre is random among fantasy, romance, 19 romance, GL/BL, etc.

Price: 10,000,000,000 Cash]

What Ten billion And the result is random

Although it was said to be a free public project, the pursuit of profit was so harsh that it was considered a mockery of consumers.

‘Seems like they don’t anyone to buy it.’

I looked around and found some surprisingly good products.

[ ‘Shared Growth Package (1 per week limited sale)

It is a product consisting of ‘Exchange Package’ and ‘Blessings of Rapid Growth’ and can be gifted to others.

However, the recipient of the gift must be a newbie with sufficient potential in the field but less than 1 year of experience.

Note: An icon is displayed above the head of a subject that satisfies the condition.]

‘A package gift This is pretty good, isn’t it’

Isn’t this the same as opening the way for the awakening of Aura, Magic, and Holy Power

I raised my head and looked ahead.


Bianca tilted her head at my intense gaze, but I dropped my shoulders.

‘Wow, it looks like the basic potential required is quite high.’

Nothing floated above Bianca’s head.

If it was Bianca, the cash would not be wasted, but it was a pity.

In fact, most of the former packages were combat and labor-related abilities, but Bianca was a brainy type rather than a physical one.

“Yes, Bia.

You are perfect the way you are now.

It’s okay because you’re going to be a great Head of the House.”

“…….Why all of a sudden”

It was all of a sudden, but Bianca smiled softly as if she couldn’t help but like it.


At that time, a light blue icon came into my eyes from an unexpected direction.

The target was…

[ ‘Skeleton Serf No.


There is potential for cultivation.

If raised well, will it become the embodiment of a druid and cause a revolution in the agricultural world of Serentra.

The future of the serfs depends on your choice!


It was the skull beauty who brewed tea.


1004 Is the number its name’

Leaving pity behind my mind, I gestured to him.

“Hey, come here kid.”


“Yes, you.

Don’t be shy.”

In front of the timid skull-beauty, I thought deeply.

Is it really worth spending 3 million cash

The answer came quickly.

‘Choose a gift!’

[ Skull Serf No.

1004 is gifted ‘Exchange Package (Non-Combat) – ‘Druid-like Farmer Hands’ and ‘Blessings of Rapid Growth’.]

[ Skeleton Serf No.

1004 awakens Cultivation Lv.1.]

[ ‘Rapid Growth’ is applied to Skeleton Serf 1004 to double the proficiency.]

For a moment, the skull-beauty stood upright as if struck by lightning.

“You know what to do, right”

Rattle! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!

With a strong nod, he ran out and started making herb seedlings, which was originally my work.

Bianca blinked her rabbit-like eyes.

“He’s suddenly doing a good job.”

“I guess it’s good that you erected the monument.”

With this, the dungeon farm will roll on its own.

From now on, I can come only when I want to come, and even if I come, I don’t have to put dirt on my hands.

In addition, the skulls, including the skull beauty, obey me due to the notoriety effect, and they are fundamentally beings who cannot escape from within the dungeon.

There was no fear of my 3 million cash investment fleeing.

“Bia, have you finished your tea Let’s go now.”

“What are you going to do now Do you want to go to the library”

“Good idea!”

My lovely Bia, how do you know I want to check the integrated library update

After we got out of the dungeon, we spent a lot of time in the library.

The upgraded integrated library function was the best.

All the contents of the book were stored in the library just by turning the pages slowly without having to read it.

‘There is no better scan function than this.’

Even though books are precious in this setting, isn’t it easy to build a great library in my head

I can read anytime, so I’ll have to focus on scanning whenever Bianca takes me to the library.

I picked up a book for camouflage and walked out of the library with it in my arms.

We walked down the hallway on the second floor to return to Bianca’s room.

My gaze was drawn through the windowpane where the warm afternoon sun was shining.

I turned my head and stood still with my eyes wide open.


“What’s the matter, Eli ……Ah, it looks like Brother Romdio, is taking swordsmanship lessons.

It’s kind of ugly, right What kind of training would you call that”

“Oh, well, that’s true, but…”

There was something else that caught my attention.

A shiny light blue inverted triangle icon, and the message that pops up next to it…

[ ‘’

Has swordsmanship potential to awaken the Aura.

Their future as a swordmaster who is admired by the continent depends on your decision.

Success guaranteed investment is only 11 million cash!


A future swordmaster was nearby.


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