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Today is also a sunny spring day.

Having to worry no more with pollution and fine dust flying in the air, three weeks have passed since I fell into a fantasy world by transmigrating into this novel.

In order to survive in a world where the difficulty of survival turns bat-crazy at the same time as the original start, I spent a good amount of time in the tutorial.

I achieved 22 of 1000 days of praying for my Jog Changing Quest into a Healer.

It’s a far-fetched goal, but I don’t miss a day and I’m working on it steadily.

Cooking achieved ‘Level 4’ and I obtained ‘Recipe Insight’ and ‘Greatly Increased Cooking Taste Lv.1 (Passive)’.

In fact, I felt like I had learned enough to cook almost anything.

From level 4 and up, the skill level rises slowly, and through ‘Recipe Insight’, I can cook anything I have tasted once.

Even if I continue to level up, it was speculated that only the level of passive skills would go up.

Alchemy was at level 3, one level lower than cooking.

Now, it is possible to make healing potions for adventurers who go to dungeon subjugation, not just ointment, prescription drugs, and supplements.

My diligent self-improvement activities did not end there.

I read many books as Bianca’s playmate.

Thanks to various knowledge, I now had enough common sense to live on the Serentra Continent.

With this, no one will ever suspect that I am a foolish outworlder.



“Bia, it’s me.”

“Come on, Eli.

I was waiting for you.”

Today, I went to Bianca’s room to do my duty as a playmate.

We shared a homemade chocolate madeleine and set the schedule for the day.

“Oh, I heard there’s a new book in the library today.

I didn’t go alone because I wanted to go with you.”

“Wow, really Let’s go.”

Slightly moved by the loyalty of the young miss, I got up immediately.

We ran upstairs and opened the door, I playfully said.

“You take the lead, madam.”

Bianca lifted her chin instead of scolding me to speak informally.

“Trust me and follow.”

We laughed and hurried our steps.

The spacious library of the Countess is a place with an antique style, so I never got tired of going there.

“I don’t see the librarian.

Did he leave his seat for a while”

“Shall I go and look for him”

“No, Eli.

I have been to the library often, so I know it well.”

Despite taking the lead with plenty of confidence, Bianca expressed reluctance and stopped her steps.

“What’s the matter, Bia”

“The structure of the library is……”


“Oh, nothing.

First, let’s go pick a book for Eli to read.

Did you say you wanted to read dungeon-related books last time I will recommend it.”

I followed Bianca, thinking it must have been just a small mistake.

But even so, why this is happening As we walked between the bookshelves, I felt the light rapidly disappearing, it was like entering a tunnel.

Our steps stopped.

“Let’s see… Ah, here it is.”

Bianca pulled out a book titled .

That was the moment.


A black hole appeared from the empty spot where the book was pulled out.

It opened wide like the jaws of a giant monster.




At the moment the intuition of what is about to happen came rushing, both Bianca and I held each other’s hands instead of screaming.

The darkness that swallowed us flew away in an instant, and the distorted space caught our eyes as if someone had kneaded it.

It was only just before the motion sickness started that the space spread out, revealing the appearance of a place.

“This is……”

Countless tombstones were placed under the red full moon.

The scenery unfolding before our eyes was a cemetery on a dark and humid night.

“Hey, what is going on…”

I could feel Bianca’s trembling through our clasped hands.

A cemetery that could not exist in the Count’s Castle.

A night sky that distorts time, and a mysterious red moon.

A message appeared to clarify this unrealistic situation.


[ You have entered an A-level dungeon ‘The Cemetery buried under Count Gillette’.]


……Ah, figures.

At the same time, I remembered the fate of Ellet, which Frintz told me in the original work.


―it t’s my little sister’s keepsake.

She stepped into the dungeon that was sealed deep in the Count’s castle by mistake, so…


Today must have been the day my poor transmigrated body passed away.

That too with Bianca, the Count’s Young Lady.

This unraveled the mystery of how the crazed fool became heir to the family in the original work and was able to run wild.

However, it was not pleasing to know it now.

“Wow, it’s crazy.”

In a serious situation, my hands automatically turned to my head.

Of course, I didn’t mean to rip it off, but as I pulled my pink ponytails on both sides, I was deep in thought. 

When entering a dungeon, there are two ways to exit.

Explore every nook and cranny of the dungeon to find an exit gate that you don’t know where it is, or subdue the owner of the dungeon you will inevitably meet.

Of course, neither were options that two ordinary 10-year-olds could do.


You want me to die.’

It was then.


[‘The world-building God’ rushed over in the middle of overtime and ask what’s going on.]


Doesn’t it seem that the survival difficulty of the original has been activated Why did you give me a body of a child that’s bound to die soon…

Ah, now is not the time to argue.

I hurriedly spoke from my heart.

The system was user-friendly, so it was possible to deliver a message only with the intention.

‘God, God! You mentioned that survival difficulty is adjusted to F during the tutorial period.

Why there’s an A-grade dungeon here right now Is this another bug’


[‘The world-building God’ is startled, and he shakes his head saying that there is no way it can happen in the world he has created.]


‘As a follower of the World-building God, I’m really sorry to say this but, it’s out of a common sense for people to die in the tutorial area, right It’s hard to think that this isn’t a bug…’


[‘The world-building God’ says with extreme denial that it can’t happen.]


‘Ah! So, are you saying it was designed like this from the beginning Oh, that’s too much It’s already a shame that I was forcibly transmigrated by death, but in the world that I came anew, I had to die like this again…’


[‘The world-building God’ is at a loss for what to do with its first devotees who is favored and loved.]


I strongly argued with all my might. 

‘Make the dungeon weak or make me stronger! Please do something!’

Give me a bug reward!

The gist was this.

After a while, a message appeared.


[‘The world-building God’ says after deliberation that they will temporarily grant you use of the Holy Power.]


‘Temporary is a bit…’

You’re going to give it to me and take it away That’s a bad hobby.


[‘The world-building God’ is bewildered, and they change their words to provide powerful items to help conquer the dungeon.]


‘Of course, I believe that it is not a consumable item.’

I sent a deep smile of trust.


[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ screams that it’s impossible to send it down.]

[‘The world-building God’ sheds tears of blood.]


They seemed to be telling the truth with honesty.

From then on, I waited patiently without rushing.


[‘The world-building God’ is thinking hard.]

[‘The world-building God’ is thinking hard.]

[‘The world-building God’ is thinking hard.]


Around that time, the cemetery began to prepare to welcome the invaders.

Skeletons that came out of the tomb moved their jaw and joints, and white ghosts protruding from the tombstone wandered around the night sky in a chaotic movement.

There was no better horror attraction than this.

Bianca’s pale face turned to look at me.

“E- Eli.”

“It’s okay, Bia.

God will protect us.”

“I am an atheist.”

I realized that even in a world with divine powers, there are atheists.

“……Shhh, let’s believe in God.”

It was at that time when I was conscious of God’s gaze and unintentionally preached.


[‘The world-building God’ makes a desperate choice.]

[ ‘The world-building God’ gifts to you the ‘Descent of Divinity’ skill.]


Divine Descent


[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’, severely scolds back, saying that no matter how hard it is, the manager should not do this kind of thing, and demands a written apology.]

[‘The world-building God’ is dragged out to write his apology.]


On behalf of the God who was leaving, the system popped up an explanation window, and I could not believe what was written in it.

‘Isn’t this quite the huge deal’

Even the slightest worry was gone and now my heart was pounding with anticipation.


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